15 Amazon Site Facts

Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce company. 2 million sellers listed their 572 million products on Amazon worldwide. Recently it becomes the world’s second company to reach $1 trillion marks right after Apple Inc. Amazon not only works like an e-commerce company site but it is also manufacturing electronics products like Amazon Echo. Below we listed some amazing Amazon facts .

Amazon facts

  1. Amazon site was launched on July 16, 1995.
  2. It was started in the garage of the founder Jeff Bezos in Washington State.
  3. Firstly It was named Cadabra. The name is taken from the word “AbraCadabra”.
  4. Time to time it has so many names like MakeItSo.com, Awake.com,Browse.com, Bookmall.com and Relentless.com. If you go on Relentless.com it will be redirected to Amazon.com
  5. Jeff Bezos, in the end, launched Amazon.com with the tagline “Earth’s biggest bookstore”.
  6. In starting days Amazon only sold books.
  7. Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies was first books sold by Amazon.
  8. Jerry Yang (one of the founders of Yahoo) emailed Jeff Bezos after the three days of the launch of the site. In an email, Jerry asked Jeff if he’d like to be featured on Yahoo’s Whats’ Cool page. Jeff said yes, and the orders on site rapidly increased.
  9. In the first week, Amazon got an order of $12000  worth.
  10. In the beginning, there are lots of bugs/errors in the site. The bug/error allowed the customer to credit the money back in their bank account by ordering negative quantity on books.
  11. In the first month, Amazon gets the orders from the 50 countries across the world.
  12. In earlier days the used bell to notify the people in the office whenever an order is placed.
  13. Jeff Bezos, his wife MacKenzie and Shel Kaphan (Amazon’s first-ever employee) organize their meetings in local Barnes and Noble store.
  14. It takes seven years for Amazon to make the first profitable quarter.
  15. In 2012 Amazon the site went down for 49 minutes which resulted in loss of  $5.7 million.

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