15 Facts about Russia

facts about russia

Russia is the world’s largest country. The total area of Russia is 17 million square km (6.5 million square miles). The fun one interesting fact is that the area of Russia is bigger than planet Pluto 16.6 million square km (6.1 million square miles ). Check out some interesting facts about Russia.

Intersting Facts about Russia

facts about russia
  1. The capital of Russian is Moscow. 78 billionaires live in the city, the most of any other city in the world.
  2. 40,000 people killed or died per year due to consumption of poisonous alcohol. 1 out of 5 death in Russia is related to alcohol.
  3. Until 2013 beer was not considered as an alcoholic beverage.
  4. Homosexuality is illegal in Russia. If someone tells a child that homosexuality is normal or not evil result in arrest or fines.
  5. The largest library in Europe is situated in the capital city Moscow and it is called the Russian State Library.
  6. World’s largest freshwater source is Lake Baikal is located in southern Siberia, Russia.
  7. The coldest place on earth is Oymyakon, Russia, in Siberia. The minimum temperature recorded there was -106.667 Celsius (-160 Fahrenheit).
  8. 700 Brown bears living in Kronotsky Nature Reserve in South Kamchatka. Some of them have an addiction to getting high from the fuel.
  9.   Russia is the number one importer of heroin and tobacco.
  10. 700,000 people suffer from Aids in Russia. Aids is the 3rd leading reason for deaths there.
  11. 153000 villages in Russia having a population fewer than 10 residents.
  12. Russian law is not recognized Domestic violence as a crime. Which cause 14,000 women to die each year.
  13. In Russia, some people hire the fake ambulance to avoid getting stuck in traffic.
  14. After Amazon forest, Russian forest is the second largest carbon dioxide absorbent in the world. Due to this, the forest called “Lungs of Europe”.
  15. It has total 11 time zones. It is more than any other country in the World.

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