20 Amazing Facts about Gujarat

Gujarat the rapidly growing state of India. Here is some facts about it.

  1. Gujarat word is derived from the Gujar Rashtra, which is a Sanskrit word and its meaning Gujar Nation.
  2. Major metropolitan cities like Lothal, Dholavira, Gola Dora of the Indus Valley Civilization belongs from the land of Gujarat.
  3. Gujarat is the state with the highest number of airports. Total seventeen airports are present in the state.
  4. Gujarati people are mostly vegan which makes Gujarat vegan state of India.
  5. Capital city Gandhinagar is the greenest city of Asia.
  6. With the crime rate of 8.2 Gujarat is the safest state of India.
  7. Right behind Goa, Gujarat has least crime rate against women.
  8. Surat is the richest city of India with an average income of 450,000.
  9. Ahmadabad’s Arvind Mills is world’s third denim manufacturer company.
  10. Gujarat’s GDP is twelve per cent from last twelve years. It is similar to the GDP rate of China.
  11. The Amazing fact is that one in every fifth Indian American is Gujarati but in India one in every Indian is Gujarati.
  12. Patel is the last name the most doctors have in the US.
  13. Subway, Pizza Hut and Domino’s first pure veg outlet are open in Ahmadabad.
  14. 80 per cent of the Diamonds all around the world is polished in Surat.
  15. Like Haryana, Gujarat also has 100% electricity connection in the villages.
  16. In 1818 the British East India Company came to Surat.
  17. Largest producer of milk in India is Gujarat.
  18. Asia’s biggest dairy too belongs from Gujarat and it is Amul Anand Milk Co-Operative Federation.
  19. Gujarat will be 67th richest country. If it would a nation.
  20. Gujarati family of America has three times more income than any American family.

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