22 Amazing Facts about History – Do You Know

Amazing Facts of History

Your teachers will never tell you these interesting facts about history. They might not even be aware of it. But we are going to tell you about some amazing things that no one knows till date. Let’s know.

Amazing Historical facts

1. The democratic system was established 2,500 years ago in the Greek city of Athens. If we look at history, we see a lot, because a lot happened in the past. Here are some facts about history, which probably no one knows.

2. In 1788, the dollar sign ‘$’ was introduced.

 3. Bubblegum has been present in the world for 9,000 years.

 4. The world’s first train ran at a maximum speed of 8 kilometers per hour.

 5. About 3,000 years ago, the Egyptian people had a maximum age of 30 years.

 6. February 1865 recorded a month in history that does not have a full moon. That is, the size of the moon did not complete in that month.

 7. In 1811, due to a tremendous earthquake, a river called Mississippi (North America) started flowing in the opposite direction.

 8. 5000 years ago in history, humans used to have only one disease. He is smallpox.

9. The months of January and February did not include in the ancient Roman calendar. Therefore, his new year is celebrated on 1 March.

 10. The earliest found fossil is named ‘Lucy’.

 11. In 1830, the world’s oldest pizza shop was opened in the Italian city of Naples, which is still open.

12. When the Julian calendar was found by Rome’s dictator Julius Caesar in the 45th year of BC, the New Year was celebrated on 1 January for the first time in the world.

 13. Vijayanagar was a thriving city in the medieval era of history. But today the city is famous as Hampi ruins.

14. There are 138 pyramids in Egypt, but of these, only one giant pyramid at Giza is listed in the Seven Wonders of the World.

Wondering Facts of History

15. French was once the official language of England and it was the official language of England for nearly 600 years.

 16. Rome is the world’s first city whose population has crossed the 1 million mark.

17. Stonehenge in England is about 5,000 years old.

18. The cause of the war in Greece and Bulgaria was a Greek dog that crossed the border of Bulgaria. The fact was that a Greek soldier accidentally entered the border of Bulgaria chasing his hungry dog. Bulgaria won in this war, and as a treaty, it decided that the Greeks would compensate Bulgaria for the losses suffered in the war.

19. There was a time when Bangladesh use to buy 5 rupees coins from India to make blades. 6 blades were made from a coin of 5 rupees. If the cost of 1 blade was 2 rupees, the maker of the blade would have benefited well. In view of this, the Government of India changed the coin-making metal.

20. Columbus, at the time of his death, remained oblivious to the fact that the continent he had discovered. He was not of India but of America.

21. Jean Baptiste is the first to have known blood transfusion work since 1667 when two pins (a gallon or 0.47 liter) of blood from a buffalo were transferred to a young man.

 22. We are living in the best and greatest time in human history.

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