25 Amazing Facts About Animals And Birds

amazing facts about animals and birds

Interesting facts about animals and birds. We live surrounded by different types of animals and birds. In a different location, we are surrounded by different types of animals and birds. As a human we are also curious to know about others who are not surrounding us. So we are sharing a few amazing facts about animals and birds. 🙂

Interesting Facts About Animals And Birds


Reptiles- amazing facts about animals and birds
  1. The snakes do not have ears, They hear from their tongues.
  2. Most snakes give eggs and few give birth to snakelets (baby snakes).
  3. Crocodiles can jump upside from the water and can catch flying birds.


Mammals  - amazing facts about animals
  1. Bats can eat the insects half weight of their weight in a night.
  2. A giraffe can not sleep more than one hour.
  3. Elephant’s body grows for a lifetime. That way the leader of the group has the biggest body.
  4. Camel can drink 135 liters of water in only 10 minutes.
  5. Zebra has black skin and white stripes on its body.
  6. Baby elephants drink their mother’s milk for 5 years.
  7. Kangaroos are good swimmers.
  8. Mole rats have to eat continuously. If they do not eat continuously they can die.
  9. The only animal which can not jump is an elephant.
  10. Koala has similar fingerprints like Humans.
  11. Sloths take two weeks to digest their food.
  12. In a lifetime a cow gives an average of 200,000 glasses of milk.
  13. Orangutans often fall from the tree. Due to falling 50% of them have fractured bones.

Amazing Facts About Animals And Birds


Birds - amazing facts about birds
  1. The owl can rotate its head to 270 degrees.
  2. Three percent of the ice present in Antarctica is the urine of penguins.
  3. Ostrich’s eyes are bigger than their brain.


Arthropods - Facts Adda
  1. The male butterfly can smell a female from miles away.
  2. A flea can survive in extreme conditions. If we freeze a flea for a year it would be alive after melting the ice.
  3. Mosquitoes bite females more than males.
  4. Bee does dance to tell the location and distance of any food to other bees.
  5. A flea can jump 200 times of their size.
  6. Most spiders are not harmful to humans.

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