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Facts Adda is a blog for amazing, interesting, & fun facts. We cover and post about the world, animals, space, games, celebs, & much more.

Currently, our team consists of two members. The research we do is based on the internet. Our mission is to learn something new every day.

Meet the Team


Vishesh Kumar

Vishesh Kumar


Hi! I am Vishesh Kumar, the founder of Facts Adda. Recently, I am working as a .net developer at LP Infotech(India).

I have been experienced in Blogging for more than 3+ years and I’m a travel enthusiast and a lover of tech, space, and animals.

​​So, I created this site Facts Adda for sharing my knowledge in 2018. I’ve learned so much since I started creating this site that I can’t resist sharing it with you all.

In addition, I can be interviewed at any time, so please get in touch via the Contact Page if you are interested.

Vivek Kumar

Vivek Kumar


Hi, I am Vivek Kumar, the Author of Facts Adda. I’m a passionate, blogger with over 2+ years of experience in SEO, WordPress, and Content Writer.

I spend most of my time searching for amazing and interesting facts about places, nature, worlds, animals, and humans on the internet, that is part of my hobby.

As a bro of Facts Adda founder, I have always loved his useless information, and Vishesh asked me to write for Facts Adda in June 2020. Recently, I am working as an SEO Executive at Expobiz Websmartz(India).

I welcome you all to my little world to grab the best of my experiences and findings. You are welcome to contact me at any time. I hope you enjoy my work here.

If you like to watch facts-related videos and listen in the Hindi language, then visit our Chanel Facts Adda.