Amazing facts of the world

In this post, we are going to share random amazing facts of the world. Check out all of these facts.

The apple tree Where Newton discovered gravity is still alive.

Black Roses only found in Halfeti, Turkey.

Three point seat belt was invented by Volvo and they gave it for free to save the lives.

There is two satellites named Tom and Jerry. They chase each other to measure the gravitational anomalies.

Charles Darwin ate one of every animals he discovered.

Ear and Nose grow lifetime.

Women blink their eyes 2 time more as compared to men.

In the World

The most number of child born by a lady is 69. And second place is taken by the lady that gave the birth to 62 children.

With 39 wives and 94 children, Ziona Chana’s family is the biggest family in the world.

Robert Wadlow  was the tallest man in the world. He was 8 ft 11 in (2 m 72 cm) tall.

Zeng Jinlian was the tallest woman in the world. She was 8 ft, 1 3/4 in (2m 66cm) tall.

Vedas from India are the oldest written text in the world.

10% of world’s population never go to school and remain illiterate.

The youngest girl in the world who divorced was 10 years old.

Only 1% of people in world has the combination of red hair and blue eyes.

Mohammad is the most common name in the world.

Food Facts

First Pizza was originated in Italy.

In 2001 Pizza Hut made a delivery on International Space Station. The cost of the delivery was $1 million.

Caffeine is the most consumed substance in the world.

Apples float because it consists 25% air.

The air or gas  in the packet of lays is actuality Nitrogen.

Apples  and Cherries belong to Rose family and Banana is belongs to Berry family.

Overdose of energy drinks can cause severe problems.

In 2002-2003 Indian farmers used coco cola in their fields as a pesticide because it was cheaper than pesticides and worked same.

Mountain Dew can dissolve a rat in 30 day. This statement is given by Pepsi itself.

Animal Facts

Chickens can see more colors than humans. They can see more color in Rainbow than us.

Dolphins can commit suicide by refusing the food or by hitting them self on the wall.

Biggest mammals on the earth is elephants. They can not jump and they are smart enough to recognize their self in the mirror.

Pandas only found in China. And all the pandas in other countries are on lease by China.

All cross breed dogs are changing physically.

For pigs it is physically impossible to see the sky.

amazing facts of the world

Countries Facts

Damascus, Syria is the oldest inhabited city. it said that peoples were living in this city from last 11,000 years.

There is 24 times zones in the world. And Russia has 11 time zones.

Great Wall of China is not visible from the space. No any human created object is visible from space.

Mesopotamian Civilization is the oldest civilization in the world. It was existed back in 3500 BC -500 BC.

50 million trees was planted in just 24 hours in India and is Guinness World Record

South Africa has the most HIV positive patient in the world. 7 million people are HIV positive in the country.

Belarusian consumes 17 litres of alcohol per capita. It is the most in the world.

American heavy metal band, Metallica was the first band to that performed in all continents.

Biggest country without any river is Saudi Arabia.

There are stones that grow and multiply after rain in Romania called

Chess and Snakes & Ladder games are invented in India.

Once Israel was fighting with 7 countries at a time. And guess who won. It was Israel who won the war.

Amazing Facts of the World

Out there in world there is 7,184 persons similar like you.

During a kiss, couples exchange approx 10 million to 1 billion bacteria.

After a 77 years of married life 99 years old man filled a divorce because his wife had a affair back in 1940.

The plastic utensils used for heating food in the microwave releases toxins that cause neurological disease.

99% of people in the world erase or backspace all the character in password field, if they mess with one character.

Leonardo da Vinci’s world famous painting Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.

The shortest complete world in the English language is “I am”.