31 Amazing Facts

amazing facts

We are back with some new random facts. In this post, we will share you with 31 amazing facts which will blow your mind. Below are the amazing facts

31 Amazing facts (1-15)

  1. In ancient time doctors used spider web as a bandage.
  2. German chocolate name is taken from a boy named Sam German and not from country Germany.
  3. Vending machine kills 4 times more people per year than a shark.
  4. Mosquitoes kill more people per year than snake, shark or any other species.
  5. A pencil has enough lead to draw a 53 kilometres (33 miles) long line.
  6. An average of 4 years old kid asks an average of 400 questions per day.
  7. Our skin is home to more lives (bacteria, insects etc.) than people lives on earth.
  8. Every day 60-ton stardust ( cosmic dust ) fall in the earth from space. And this dust is inhaled by every living species on earth.
  9. Beaver holds their partner’s hand while sleeping.
  10. A starfish can grow its limbs back. In fact, starfish’s limb can grow its whole body.
  11. Mimic octopus not only changes its colour but also can mimic the size of other fishes and snake.
  12. An Ostrich’s egg is equal to 2 dozen of hen eggs. It weighs 1.4 kilos (3 lbs) and enough for 12 peoples breakfast.
  13. Black cats are considered as good luck in Great Britain and China.
  14. An adult camel can drink 113 litres ( 30 gallons) of water within 13 minutes.
  15. The total weight of the ants on the earth is more than the weight of the people on the earth.

31 Amazing facts

  1. Just to produce half kilograms (1 lb) of honey, the bees have to roam on 2 lakh flowers.
  2. A tiger and a Cat have 95.6% similar DNA.
  3. The last alphabet included in English was not ‘Z’ it is ‘J’.
  4. In the 18th century in the name of fashion statement, people wore artificial moles on their face made from Velvet, Silk and Ratskin.
  5. If we can remove the space between the atoms, which form the humans then all the population on the earth can be stored in an apple size earth.
  6. Before the invention of colour television, 75% of people claimed that they dream in B&W (black and white). Now just 16% of people say this.
  7. World’s only 3 wealthiest family has more money than the total 48 poor countries have.
  8. if the human brain would be a computer then in every second it performs 36,000 trillion operations.
  9. The grass is the best part of the earth. It covers 25% of the land of the earth and it is consumed by the majority of earth’s species and is the most consumable thing on earth.
  10. Mountaindew can easily dissolve a rat.
  11. In Japan, pupils clean their classrooms themselves.
  12. A photon takes 200,000 years to travel from the core to surface of the sun and just more than 8 minutes from sun to earth.
  13. Charlie Chaplin scored the third position in a competition called Look-Alike Charlie Chaplin.
  14. Caged crows are better in mimic than parrots.
  15. Spain will have the eldest person after 2050. Total 40% of the population of the country will be at the age of 60.
  16. In Himachal Pradesh Indian there is a village called Alan. In this village, visitors are not allowed to touch any of villager. If someone found guilty of touching, then a fine of 1000 INR is punishable.

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