India the country that gave lots of things to the world. Some of the old invention from India still used or used as a base for new inventions. Ancient India gave lots of invention to the world that without them the imagination of the modern world is nothing more than wasting time on thinking. In this post, we will share with you some important  Indian inventions which change the whole world.

Indian inventions


Natural Fibre used for manufacture clothes is discovered by Indians. When the ancient Greeks were wearing animals skins Indian identified the natural fibre which can be used as clothing material. Indian started the cultivation of Cotton back in 5th – 4th century BC.

Buttons are the essential part of our cloth-line. From shirt to pent, everywhere the buttons is used. It is also invented in Indian. The famous Indus valley civilization used button back 5000 year ago. That time the button are used as ornament and are madeup of seashell.

Games Invented by India

Chess is one of the best inventions by Indians. I listed it is as best because it said that changed the whole picture of wars in ancient India. It not only saved the lives of soldiers but also the life of animals like horses, elephants etc. Because the king from different land/states solved any kind of issue related to land, tax etc by playing this game without any war.

Snakes and Ladder is also a famous game from ancient India. Originally known as “Mokshpata” is invented by Indian saint and poet “” in the 13th century. is the of the two words “” means “Salvation” and “Pata” means “Board”. Whereas the ladders are the symbol of the virtues and snakes are the symbol of vices. The game spread worldwide when India was ruled by the British. British take this game England from India and from England with gone in the United States.

Medical Science and Health Indian Inventions

Plastic Surgery is invented in India in 6th century BC by “Sushruta”. The time when there was no any hospital in the world. Indians were doing plastic surgery. Sushruta is known as the father of surgery. He also created a reference book on medicine and surgery. Rhinoplasty the surgery that involves the steps to taking skin from the forehead and place it on the nose to reconstruct the nose is still used.

Cataract Surgery also invented by “Sushruta”. He was the first man to perform this surgery he used a curved needle to remove the defected lens from the eye. Other doctors from the all over the world came to him to learn the procedure of the Contract Surgery.

Yoga is also invented in India. Indian are performing yoga since last 5000 years. The first Yoga Guru is Lord Shiva, also known as Adiyogi. It is not only an exercise it is a spiritual exercise which not only make a person physically fit but also mentally fit.

Sanitary Indian Inventions

Shampoo word came from the Hindi word “Champu” which mean “Head Massage”. The material or shampoo of that time made up of different natural oils and herbs. British loved the concept of the “Champu”. And they brought the England. It took 100 years to evolve it in Shampoo which we are using today.

Flush Toilets are used by the Indus Valley Civilization back 5000 years ago. The toilets were connected with the complex sewage that time. is not it amazing? When the whole world was popping the Indian were using toilets.

Engineering Indian Inventions

Zero means nothing. If the zero comes before any digit then it is nothing but when it placed after the digit it increase the value of digit 10 times. Like buttons in clothing, toilets in the home, zero is also an essential part of our life and guess what. It is also invented in India by Hindu astronomer and mathematician named Brahmagupta.

Rulers are the main tool in engineering. It is used to measure the distance between the two objects and the level of an object. In rulers were used back in 1500 BC in architecture works. That why India has some of the best building of ancient times.

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