Bangladesh Facts

Bangladesh is a South Asian country and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the official name of the country. On the basis of the land, Bangladesh 92nd largest country in the world and on the basis of the population ranked 8th in the world and ranks 5th in Asia. It shares the border with 2 countries, India and Myanmar. Let take a look on more Bangladesh Facts.

Bangladesh Facts

26 March 1971 was the day when Bangladesh become an Independent country. Before that day it was part of Pakistan and known as East Pakistan.

Literacy rate of the country is 73%.

Dhaka is the capital and the largest city of Bangladesh. The official currency is known as Taka.

National fruit of the country is Kathal (Jackfruit), the National bird is Magpie Robin, the National flower is white-flowered water lily and the NAtional tree is mango tree.

98% people of the Bangladesh are belong from Bengali community.

It is a Muslim Nation. 90% of the population of the country is the Muslim.

Approx 700 rivers are flowing in the country. Including the Ganges, the Meghna, and the Brahmaputra, longest rivers in Asia.

Four million people in the country are working in the tea industry and produce 3% of the world’s tea.

Only 10% of the land in the country is covered with forest.

As cricket is the famous sport in other South Asian subcontinent countries, it is also famous in Bangladesh. But “Kabbadi is the national sport of the Country

Rabindranath Tagore, Indian polymath wrote the  “Amar Shonar Bangla” national anthem of Bangladesh.

The temperature in Bangladesh never goes on 0-degree Celsius. The minimum temperature till now is 4.5-degree Celsius, recorded in the winter of 2011 at Jessore.

It is the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. It is also the national animal of the country.

Bangladesh Facts
Bangladesh facts

In the world

It is the 3rd country in the world with the most Muslim population.

Dhaka is also one of the largest city in the world and the densest population area in the world.

With the distance of 75 miles, Bazar Beach is one of the longest beaches in the world.

Country’s geographical location makes it one of the most natural disaster-prone country in the world. Cyclones and floods are the most common natural disasters.

Central Bank of Bangladesh is the victim of the world’s biggest bank heist in modern history. In February 2016, hackers tried to steal $1 billion from the Bank network.

The one-third population of the country is living below the poverty line. Bangladesh is still in the list of the poorest country in the world.

Bangladesh ranks 1st in the list of most street children in Asia.


Use of left hand for passing something, handshaking and eating are offensive in the Bengali culture because they think that the left hand is not pure.

Smiling is also considered as the sign of immaturity that is why Bangladeshi people smile rarely.