Best Places To Visit In India

best places to visit in India

The last year of 2020 was bad for everyone somehow. Just forget about the past. The worse time has been gone. This is 2021 and everyone is hoping for a good year ahead and we also pray for this. To forget the bad time it is a good idea to go on a trip with friends. a good trip can give you good vibes. But before planning to go out with friends or family take every safety measure. By taking every safety measure suggested by the government you can have a very good trip and can make good memories with family and friends. So in this post, we are going to share so with you some best places to visit in India. We are not going to share much detail of places but the most famous things of that place are shared. Visit the place by yourself and share your experience.

Best places to visit


If you want a trip to southern India, Then Mysore can be one of the destinations. The city is famous for its magnificent Mysore Palace.


Ooty is also a southern Indian town. It is famous for its hilly area and is one of the best places to visit in South India. Some of the best places are which are near Ooty are Avalanche Lake, Ooty Lake, Ooty Botanical Gardens, Deer Park, Doddabetta Peak, etc.


Madurai can also be a good option for you in a South India visit. It has a very vast ancient history. In ancient times there was trading like between this city and Rome. Meenakshi Amman Temple is the greatest symbol of this city’s ancient history. This city is also famous among foreign visitors.


Let talk about one more South Indian city. The city of Nizam’s, Hyderabad. This city is also a very old city and has a rich history.  Golconda Fort is one of the greatest attractions in the city.


best places to visit in India

Chennai is not unknown to most of us. It is the capital city of Tamil Nadu State. It is also an old city and previously called Madras. Fort St. George can give a good knowledge of the city to visitors. The fort was built-in 1644.

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If you are a wildlife lover then Sunderbans can be one of the best destinations for you. Sunderbans is located in the East of India. It is in the West Bengal state. We all are read about the Sunderbans that which is a delta that is formed by the confluence of the Rivers called Meghna, Ganges, and Brahmaputra in the Bay of Bengal.


Meghalaya is North Eastern Indian State. This is known for its natural beauty. If you are an admirer of natural beauty then you should plan a trip to Meghalaya. “Living root bridges” is the biggest attraction of the state.

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is also a North Eastern Indian State. This state is also very close to nature. You can enjoy the real beauty of nature here. The mountains of the states will introduce a lot of old or ancient’s caves and smaller or bigger waterfalls. The beauty of this state is admirable. In fact, all the North East India is Admirable.


Are you a biker and want to go on a road trip on a bike? Then I think you and your friends already planned a trip to Ladakh. A trip to Ladakh on the bullet is a dream for most bikers. And it is worth visiting Ladakh on the bike. There are two routes for Ladakh, one from Manali and the other from Kashmir. Most of the people chose Manali to Ladakh. And only a few choose a full Ladak circuit. Mean they start from Manali or Kashmir and end their tour at Kashmir or Manali.


best places to visit in India
best places to visit in India

Dalhousie is a city in the Himachal Pradesh state. This altitude city is one of the best budget-friendly places to visit. In winter you can enjoy snowfall there and in summer pleasant weather will help you to relax. Near about the Dalhousie, you can visit an old British Church and other places like Khajjiar that is also known as mini Switzerland.

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