Knowledge about blood

blood facts

In this post, we are going to share some Blood facts and some Q&A. Firstly, we talk about blood. What is blood? The answer to this question is that Blood is the body liquid which is present in Humans and other Animals which delivers the nutrients and oxygen to the cells and free the cells from the metabolism waste. Now let’s learn about some Blood facts.

Q. Which is known as ‘River of life’?

Ans. Blood.

Q. Blood circulation was discovered by?

Ans. William Harvey.

Q.The total blood volume in an adult?

Ans. 5-6 litres.

Q.The ph value of the human body?

Ans. 7.35 – 7.45.

Q. The normal blood cholesterol level?

Ans. 150-250mg / 100 ml

Q. The fluid part of blood?

Ans. Plasma.

Q. Plasma protein fibrinogen has an active role in ?

Ans. Clotting of blood.

Q. Iron-containing pigment of haemoglobin?

Ans. Haem.

Q. Protein containing pigment of haemoglobin?

Ans. Globin.

Q. Graveyard of RBC?

Ans. Spleen.

Q. Lifespan of RBC?

Ans. 120 days.

Q. Total count is measured by an instrument known as?

Ans. Haemocytometer.

Q. A decrease in RBC count is known as?

Ans. Anaemia.

Q. Lifespan of WBC?

Ans. 10-15 days.

Q. Blood cell performs an important role in blood clotting?

Ans. Thrombocytes ( platelets).

Q. Vessels is called?

Ans. Thrombus.

Q. Anticoagulant present in blood?

Ans. Heparin.

Q. A hereditary bleeding disease?

Ans. Haemophilia.

Q. Bleeder’s disease?

Ans. Haemophilia.

Q. Christmas disease?

Ans. Haemophilia.

Q. Viscosity of blood?

Ans. 4.5 to 5.5

Q. A type of Anemia with sickle-shaped RBC?

Ans. Sickle cell anaemia.

Q. Instrument used to measure haemoglobin?

Ans. Haemoglobinometer.

Q. Who demonstrated blood groups?

Ans. Karl Landsteiner.

Q. Who demonstrated Rh factor?

Ans. Karl Landsteiner.

Q.Blood group which is called Universal donor?

Ans. O

Q. Blood group which is called universal recipient?

Ans. AB

Q. Blood group is most common among the Asians?

Ans. B