Knowledge about blood

Some Blood Facts

WBC (White Blood Cell ), RBC (Red Blood Cell) and Platelets

  1. 7% weight of our body weight is blood.
  2. Newborn babies have only 1 cup of blood. Male adults have 5 litres and female adults have 4.5 litres of blood.
  3. Every day approx 1515 litres of blood is filtered by kidneys.
  4. To drain out entire blood from human approx 1,200,000 mosquitoes required to suck out the blood together.
  5. Blood consist of WBC (White Blood Cell ), RBC (Red Blood Cell) and Platelets are present.
  6. Yellow liquid in the blood known as blood plasma.
  7. Blood plasma consists of 90% water. Only 10% of plasma is hormones, glucose, proteins, gases, electrolytes and nutrients.
  8. WBC (White Blood Cell ), RBC (Red Blood Cell) and Platelets float in blood plasma.
  9. Haemoglobin present in RBC (Red Blood Cell) is a protein that contains iron. When oxygen reacts with the iron present in Haemoglobin it makes blood red.
  10. During injury or any kind of cut, platelets cause blood clotting and prevent loss of blood.
  11. In frozen condition blood plasma is stored for one year. and Platelets can be stored for 5 days only. RBC can only be stored for 42 days.
  12. Scientist developed a pill that can transfer oxygen into the blood without breathing.
  13.  Cornea (eye) is the only body part without blood.
  14. 112/64 mmHg is considered as normal blood pressure. But the blood pressure varies from human to human.
  15. A, B, AB and O are common blood group but there is Rh Negative also. Nobody knows where from it comes but some say that it is the result of random mutation.
blood facts

Blood facts during diseases

  1. 3 lives can be saved by just only one unit of blood.
  2. Cause of stroke and heart attack is High Blood Pressure.
  3. Sickle cell disease patient needs 4 units of blood every month.
  4. To increase red blood cell an anaemia patient required the blood transfusion.
  5. One out of every ten patients in the hospital needs blood.
  6. For cancer treatment 4 units of blood required.
  7. During hip replacement surgery 2-4 units of blood are required.
  8. During brain surgery, 2-50 units of blood are required.
  9. Severe car accidents victim needs 50 units of blood.
  10. In every 8 minutes, someone donates blood.
  11. In the world, in every 2-second someone needs the blood.
  12. Blood donation never causes physical power reduction. Within a few hours, the loss of blood due to donation recovered. But RBC takes 1 month to recover. 2 Month to recover the iron loss.
  13. Every second nearly 2 million red blood cell dies in an adult and  2 million red blood cells are developed in the bone marrow to replace the dead cells.
  14. Pus is the died WBC (White Blood Cell ).
  15. During cold and cough, the blood in the blood vessel of the nose increases to keep nose warm. This increase in blood makes the nose look red.

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