In this article, we are going to share with you some facts about human body part breast. It is also called boobs. Check out below some boob facts.

The average weight of the breast is 500 grams (1 lb) and have 4-5%  of total fat of body.

Boob size is not equal. Left side breast is usually about one fifth larger than the right side. In some women, one nipple also can wider than another one.

Breast starts growing after the two to four years of first menstruation.

In primates, only human female have permanent full breasts.

Weight directly affects the boobs. If someone gains weight her boob size also increases and if lose weight the size of boob also decrease.

Harmons play a big role in the size of boobs. During the menstrual period, the size of boobs can increase due to hormones.

The boobs sag with the age. Tension, stress, smoking and drinking also result in saggy boobs.

During exercising boobs mostly get hurt. It is suggested that wear a good supportive sports bra during exercise.

Sleeping on stomach cause change in shape of boobs.

Boob Facts

boob facts
Boob Facts

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80% of female in the world are using/wearing the wrong  size bra. Those cause problems like back pain, indigestion and headaches. 

During pregnancy, the nipples become darker due to hormones and faded after it.

First breast augmentation operation was done in 1962. Breast augmentation operation is in High Demand.

After lung cancer, breast cancer is the deadliest disease in women. Men also can suffer from breast cancer.

Breastfeeding can prevent or lower the risk of heart and breast cancer disease. It also helps in losing weight for new moms.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University offers a degree in Bra Studies. In that, they teach how to design and build a bra.

Before bra was invented, Roman ladies tie a bandage around their breast to keep them in place while exercising.

Women can reach orgasm by just breast stimulation. But only 1% of women have this ability.

A lady with the chest size of 70 inches (5.83 feet) is set the Guinness World Record of Largest natural breasts.

6% people in the world have 3 nipple.

A study suggested that nipple simulation make feel women more attracted and connected to her partner physically.

Until six weeks every fetus is female. But after six weeks nipples become the part of the body that is why males have nipple too.

A study found that the men who prefer small breast are more financially secure than the men who prefer the large breast.