Microsoft facts

Microsoft is the world’s one of the biggest Multinational technology company. It is an American company and its headquarter is located in Washington. The main product of the Microsoft is the computer Operating System knows Windows. Besides this is also manufacture computers, mobile phones and other electronic appliances. Some of its products are Surface tablets/ … Read more

Real cyborg

Moon Ribas is a Spanish performance artist who implanted seismic  sensor on her elbow. Whenever there is an earthquake she can literally feels the vibration of the earth and will start dance. She is connected via internet to the seismographs all across the world. She is kind of cyborg.

Alived without food for a year

In 1965 a grossly obese man survived for 1 year and 17 days without eating anything. He lived entirely on his copious body fat and vitamins and ended up losing 125kg weight with no adverse effects. Also he only popped every 40-50 days