Batman Facts

Batman Facts

Batman is the fictional comic superhero released under the brand DC. Bob Kane and Bill Finger are creators of this spy superhero. Check out some amazing Batman facts.

Batman Facts

Batman Facts

In comics Batman  was first appeared in 1939 and on Television in 1943.

Bruce Wayne is the real name of the Batman and he is billionaire.

The idea behind Batman was taken from Zorro, Dracula, and the Shadow. And the name Bruce Wayne came from the combination of two different characters  Robert the Bruce  ( Scottish national hero ) and  “Mad” Anthony Wayne ( American revolutionary ).

Bruce Wayne choose to be Batman because the fear of bats.

He is the owner of Wayne Enterprises and the total worth of the enterprises is $31 billion.

Bruce Wayne is richest among DCU (Detective Comics Universe) Superheroes. But Tony Stark aka Iron Man from MCU (Marvel Comics Universe) is wealthier than him.

Batman has no any power but the B0atsuit made of some fictional material has power.

Batman’s father Thomas Wayne  was an doctor and also a masked vigilante.

Bruce Wayne’s (Batman) online handler or screen name is JonDeo297.

Batmobile is the favourite vehicle of Batman. And the Batmobile has 10,000 hp (horsepower ) power written on the Batmobile Owner’s Manual.

Robin, the sidekick of the Batman. over the years there was many Robins.

Recently Damian, biological son of the Bruce Wayne is the Robin.

The creator said the idea of the Robin was taken from the Robin Hood.

Not only Bruce Wayne but Commissioner Gordon, Damian, the villain Bane, Dick Grayson played as Batman.

Batman is human but he defeated Darkside ( god of evil ) twice.

University of Victoria, Canadian University has a course called “The Science Of Batman” for those who want to deep study on the life of Batman.

Heath Ledger (the famous Joker)  was offered to be part of Batman. But he refused by saying that he would never be a part of the superhero film.

$1,000,000 was raised just to use real penguins in the Batman return movie. The money spent on cool, food and shipment of the penguins.

Spiderman Facts

Spiderman Facts

Spider-man is a frictional comic superhero. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko are the creators of this famous superhero. In earlier days it was a comic, later some cartoon created on that comic and now some movie also created on that comic. We are going to share some interesting Spiderman facts in this article. Hope you love it.

Spiderman Facts

Spiderman first appeared in August 1962. The main idea behind this superhero was taken from the fly.

His real name is Peter Parker and his parents were Richard and Mary Parker.

He was an orphan and raised by his uncle-aunt, Ben and May.

His parents died in a plane crash. They were working with S.H.I.E.L.D.

He was born normal. He got his power from a radioactive spider. The spider bites him in the lab where he was with his classmate on a school field trip.

After gaining his power he became Casanova in school and later in college too.

Spiderman Facts

Peter Parker is not the first spider-man. In Journey Into Mystery #73 first spiderman has appeared, that was a real spider who got the ability to talk and walk after some radioactive experiment on it. But it dies soon because of radioactivity.

Not only Peter Parker is Spiderman but 13 different comic characters also play as spiderman including Deadpool, Spider-X, Mac Gargan (Venom), Mayday Parker, etc.

The web produced by the spider-man is so strong that it can hold Hulk. The web has a lifespan of just an hour, after an hour the web is dissolved.

The release speed of the web from the web shooter of spiderman is more than a bullet.

Spider-man has a Doctorate degree and is the owner of Parker Industries.

Spiderman is part of the Fantastic Four team. He moves in when the human torch died. He is also part of Avengers.

In Spider-Man: Regin (2007) Mary James died because of cancer. And the reason for that cancer is the radioactive sperm of spiderman.

Once Spiderman created a serum to rid of his power. but the serum side effects on him and four extra limbs have grown in his body.

In different MCU (Marvel Comic Universe) spider-man has a different origin.

Pesticide ethyl chloride can kill Spider-man.

In some universe, Spider-man dies. With Avengers he died when he takes a bullet while saving Captain America.

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