Unveiling Bangladesh: Fascinating Facts About Its Culture, History, and People

Bangladesh Facts

Have you ever been want to visit a country with a lot of cultures, history, and beautiful land? Well, look no further than Bangladesh. Although it might not be on everyone’s travel wish list, this South Asian nation ought to be. 

Bangladesh boasts an array of enchanting sites, from the world’s largest delta to its rich cultural heritage. We’ll travel through Bangladesh’s people and locations in this article, learning some of the most fascinating facts about Bangladesh.

1. Facts About Bangladesh Economy

  • The Importance of Agriculture in Bangladesh

Agriculture is one of Bangladesh’s most important industries, contributing 16% of its GDP. The majority of people in Bangladesh work in agriculture, which employs over 48% of the workforce.  

In Bangladesh, rice is the main crop grown and occupies about 75% of the country’s arable land. Other crops grown in Bangladesh include wheat, sugarcane, jute, tea, and vegetables.

  • The Textile Industry in Bangladesh

Another important area of the economy is the textile sector, which accounts for roughly 13% of Bangladesh’s GDP. After China, Bangladesh is the second-largest exporter of clothing worldwide. 

With over 4 million employees, mostly women, the country’s garment industry is its largest employer. Clothing for well-known international retailers like H&M, Primark, and Zara comes from Bangladesh.

2. Cultural and Historical Significance

  • The Rich Heritage of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is renowned for its numerous and distinctively national arts, traditions, and customs. One of the most popular forms of art in Bangladesh is Nakshi Kantha.

The type of quilt is made by stitching old sarees and dhotis together. Bangladesh is also home to a number of traditional music styles. One of these is Baul, which is a form of music with mystical roots that comes from Bengal.

  • The Role of Bangladesh in the Indian Independence Movement

The movement for Indian independence owes a great deal to Bangladesh, and many of its leaders played crucial roles in the struggle against British rule.

The All India Muslim League was started in Dhaka in 1906, and it was a very important part of how Pakistan came to be in 1947. In 1971, Bangladesh became an independent nation after a bloody war with Pakistan.

3. Geography and Natural Beauty

  • The Diverse Landscape of Bangladesh

The flatlands of the delta and the hills of Chittagong are just two examples of the diverse landscapes in Bangladesh. The Brahmaputra, Meghna, and Ganges are just a few of the rivers that flow through the nation.

The Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest, which covers an area of more than 10,000 square kilometres, is also located in Bangladesh.

  • The Largest Delta In The World: The Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta

The largest delta in the world, the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta, is also located in Bangladesh. This delta, which covers an area of more than 105,000 square kilometres, was formed by the meeting of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers.

Millions of people depend on the Delta, a vast and fertile plain, as a source of food and a means of subsistence. It has one of the world’s largest populations.

4. Education of Bangladesh

  • The Progress of Education in Bangladesh

In recent years, education in Bangladesh has advanced significantly. Bangladesh has gender parity in primary and secondary education, and the country’s literacy rate is over 72%, according to UNESCO.

The government has started a number of projects to improve education and make it easier for more people to get it. Increased enrollment and lower dropout rates have been made possible by the government’s Education for All programme.

  • The Challenges Facing Education in Bangladesh

However, there are still many challenges facing education in Bangladesh. There is a dearth of qualified teachers in many areas, and education quality needs to be raised.

The education system also needs to be more inclusive and needs to provide opportunities for students from marginalised communities.

5. Facts About Bangladesh Tourism 

  • The Main Tourist Attractions in Bangladesh

The main tourist attractions in Bangladesh include historical sites such as the Lalbagh Fort, the Ahsan Manzil, and the Baitul Mukarram Mosque. People who want to see the unique ecosystem of the mangrove forest frequently travel to the Sundarbans.

The Cox’s Bazar beach, the longest natural sea beach in the world, is also a popular destination for tourists.

  • The Potential of Tourism in Bangladesh

Despite having so much to offer, Bangladesh has not yet fully capitalised on its tourism potential. The lack of infrastructure and promotion of the country as a tourist destination are some of the challenges facing the industry.

6. Arts and Literature in Bangladesh

  • The Rich Literary Heritage of Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s arts and literature are a reflection of its rich cultural heritage. The country has produced many renowned writers and poets, such as Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, and Jasimuddin.

Bangladesh also has a vibrant film industry, and its music scene is diverse and eclectic. Bangladesh’s traditional folk music is a unique mix of Indian and Middle Eastern styles. It shows the country’s long and rich cultural history.

  • The Future of Arts and Literature in Bangladesh

Even though Bangladesh has a very rich cultural history, the arts and literature still face problems. Young writers and artists need more opportunities, and the government needs to support the industry more.

7. Facts About Bangladesh Sports 

  • The Popularity of Cricket in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s most popular sport is cricket, by far. This passion for cricket has been evident since the country’s independence in 1971. The national cricket team of Bangladesh is known as the ‘Tigers’ and has a large following among the people of the country.

The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), which has produced players like Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, and Shahid Afridi, to name a few, is the country’s most well-known domestic T20 cricket league.

The cricket craze in Bangladesh is such that during important cricket matches, people gather around in the streets, in cafes, and even in their homes to watch the game.

The crowd’s excitement and energy at cricket games are contagious, and you have to see it for yourself to understand it.

  • Other Popular Sports in Bangladesh

Apart from cricket, football is the most loved sport in Bangladesh. The national football governing body in Bangladesh is called the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF). 

Although the national team has not had a lot of success, the sport has a massive following among the people. Kabaddi is also a popular sport in Bangladesh, and the national team has won several international tournaments.


What is the best thing about Bangladesh?

There are many things that people love about Bangladesh, but some of the most popular include the friendly people, the beautiful landscape, and the delicious food. Bangladeshi culture is also very welcoming and it is easy to get along with everyone. The economy is also doing well, with a growing middle class and plenty of jobs available.

Why Bangladesh is a beautiful country?

Historically and culturally, Bangladesh is a beautiful country. This country is a land of natural beauty, with lush forests, rolling hills, and wide rivers.

How many historical places are there in Bangladesh?

There are many historical places in Bangladesh. Some of the historical places include the ruins of the ancient city of Dhaka, the temples of Sylhet, the Buddhist temple of Barisal, the ancient city of Chittagong, and the ports of Chittagong and Mongla.

What is Bangladesh’s famous food?

Bangladesh is famous for its delicious and unique food. The most popular Bangladeshi food is biryani. It is a dish made of rice, meat, and spices. It is usually served with tomato sauce. Other popular Bangladeshi foods include chicken tikka masala, aloo gobi, etc.

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Facts about Fiji Islands

Fiji islands

Fiji is an island country located in the pacific ocean. It is 2000 kilometers (1242 miles) far from the Australian continent. Its neighbor countries are Tonga, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Samoa, etc. Below we are sharing some facts about Fiji Islands.

Facts about Fiji Islands

  • It is located in North-East of the Pacific ocean. This country is an island country like Japan. It is the collection of 330 islands.
  • The two biggest islands of the countries are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Viti Levu has a total area of 10,389 Sq Kilometers and is home of 600,000 peoples And Vanua Levu has a total of 5,587 Sq Kilometers.
  • 87% of the population of Fiji Lives on that two Islands ( Viti Levu and Vanua Levu ). The population of country 910,000. 40% of the population is in Fiji are Indian origin.
  • The capital of the country is Suva. And the biggest city in the country is also Suva. In Suva 77,000+ people lives.
  • Fiji’s economy is the strongest economy among the pacific ocean countries. The main source of the income of the country is the tourists and export of sugar.
  • Fiji currency is called Fijian Dollar and its value is greater than some countries like India, Pakistan etc. A Fijian Dollar is equal to 30+ INR.
  • Like other countries, Fiji also got independence from the United Kingdom. It got freedom on Oct 10, 1970.
  • Fijian Dollar still has a photo of Queen Elizabeth and the national flag of Fiji still also has Union Jack on it. The reason for this is because it is part of the commonwealth.
  • The biggest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere is built in Nadi.
  • There are three official languages in the country. That is Fijian, English and Hindi.
  • Rugby is the national sports of Fiji. It is like a religion for Fijian.

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Top 10 Tallest statues in the world 2018

tallest statue in the world

What is the tallest statue in the world? In this post, we will introduce you to the tallest statue in the world. These statues are so big that you can from the top of it easily see most of the area of the city where these statues are made. Let start with Number 10 and the list goes in descending order (10th to 1st).

tallest statue in the world

Tallest statues in the world (10th-6th)

10. “Awaji Kannon” Statues is built-in Awaji Island, Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan. It was completely built-in 1982. It is 80 meters (260 ft) tall statue place on 20 meters (66 ft) platform. So the total height of the statue becomes 100 meters (330 ft)

9. “Rodina-Mat’ Zovyot!” (The Motherland Calls) is the tallest statue in Russia and Europe with a total height of 58 meters (279ft). It is built in Mamayev Kurgan; Volgograd, Russian and was completely built in 1967.

8. “Dai Kannon” of “Kita no Miyako” park is also from Japan. It is the statue of Kannon goddess of mercy. It was built in 1989 and was the tallest statue in the world until 1991. The statue is located at Ashibetsu, Hokkaidō. It is 88 meters (289 ft) tall.

7. “Great Buddha of Thailand” is ranked 7 in the list of the tallest statue in the world. It is located in Ang Thong city. Statue is built in 2008. This 92 meters (302 ft) tall statue is built by cement and painted in gold color.

6. “Qianshou Qianyan Guanyin of Weishan” is the statue of Guanyin (goddess of mercy) from China. The home of this 99 meters (325 ft) statue is in Weishan, Changsha, Hunan province. This statue is built by Gilded bronze in 2009.

tallest statue in the world

Tallest statues in the world (5th-1st)

5. “Sendai Daikannon” is 100 meters (330 ft) tall statue of Kannon (goddess of mercy) from Japan. and it was also the tallest statue in the world from 1991 (the year it is built ) to 1993 and is located in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.

4. “Ushiku Daibutsu”  is also a 100 meters (330 ft) Buddha statue from the same country (Japan). But the total height of the statue is  120 meters (330 ft) because it is built on a 10 m (33 ft) lotus throne and 10 m (33 ft) pedestal/building and it is located in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, and was built in 1993.

3. “Laykyun Setkyar” is a Buddha statue and located in Khatakan Taung, near Monywa, Sagaing Division, Myanmar. The total height of the statue is 129.2 m (424 ft). It is also built on the 13.41 m (44 ft) lotus throne. It was built in 2008.

2. “Spring Temple Buddha” is the most famous statue in the world because of its height. It was the world’s tallest statue for 10 years. The total height of the statue is 153 m (502 ft) and it is located at Lushan, Henan, China. It is built on a 19.3 m (63 ft) lotus throne. Placed on a 25 m (82 ft) pedestal/building.

1.” Statue of Unity” is the tribute to the great Indian Leader “Vallabhbhai Patel”.  The height of the statue is 182 meters (597 ft) and it is built on Stands on a 58 m (190 ft) base so the Total height becomes 240 m (787 ft) and it was built in 2018. It is the tallest statue in the world right now and it is built-in Sadhu bet, Near Sardar Sarovar Dam, Narmada district, Gujarat, India

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Iceland facts


Ice land is a North Atlantic country.  The country has a total land area of 
100,250 Km2 (38,707 sq. miles). It is the home of 348,580 people. “Reykjavík”  is the capital city of the country. In this post, you will read some interesting Iceland facts.

It is one of the last places where humans settled. First-person settled there in 874 AD.

The size of Iceland is close to the size of Ohio State in the US. And the population is 2/3 of the population of Kentucky State.

Iceland facts

The climate condition in the country is so awesome there is no more hotness. The weather is perfect in Iceland. The maximum temperature was there 30.5-degree Celsius in 1930.

Reykjavík is the largest city of the country and 60% population of the country lives in the city.

It is so peaceful country that has no defense force i.e. Army, Navy, or Air Force.

Police in Iceland don’t carry guns because the crime rate in the country is very low and violent crime is nowhere happens in the country.

The country is volcanic activity. Average in every four years there is a volcanic eruption.

Fishing is the main source of income of the country and commercial whaling is legal in the country.

In June there are 24 hours long days and in December there is 24 hours long nights because it is close to Arctic Circle.

There is no public rail transport in the country because of the low population.

Iceland facts
Iceland facts

In-country there is no jungle. And there is no mosquito in Iceland.

It is the country with the most population connected online. 97% of the population in the country has internet.

Around 10% of the population of Iceland publishes a book in their lifetime.

In Europe, Iceland has a long work week of 43.5 hours.

The language used in Iceland is not changed. They use their ancient language.

It is an Eco–friendly country and 85% of its energy comes from renewable sources.

In the country, there is no surname or family name.

Iceland is the first country where a lady and a gay Prime Minister were elected.

Strip clubs were banned in the country in 2010.

Icelanders are fond of the movies. they watch more movies than any other country people.


The country’s favorite drink is Coca-Cola and the consumption of this beverage in Iceland is high than in any other country in the world.

It is a country without any McDonald’s Restaurants.

Until 1989, beer was illegal in the country.

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USA facts

usa facts

The USA is the North American country that has 50 states. It is the 2nd largest country in the world on the basis of land and 3rd largest country on the basis of population. The US is the home of 324,459,463 people which is almost 4.29% of the total population of the world. We are sharing some USA facts in the article.

USA facts

Washington DC is the capital of the country.

New York City (NYC) is the largest city in the country on the basis of the population. NYC is the home of 8.5 million (85.4 lakhs in 2016) peoples.

Nevada is the US government property because 80% of the land is owned by government.

State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is the longest official name of the state in United States.

There is no any official language of the country.

A person is wealthier than 25% of the population in the country if he/she has only $10 and no debt.

6% of the total population lives in mobile houses.

Judaism is the second most followed religion after the Christianity.

Apple Inc has more cash than the U.S. Treasury.

A black man was the first salve owner in the America.

40% of the births are coming from the unmarried women in the US.

The average time an American spend in entire life on his/her job is 4.4 years.

In 1867 US purchased Alaska from the Russia just for $7.2 million.

Library of Congress archive every tweet posted by Americans.

There are more library in the US than the McDonald’s franchise.

There are more museums than Starbucks and McDonald’s franchise combined.

The books are much more costly than medical and housing facilities in US.

usa facts
USA Facts

Ethnic Groups

The highest amount of the population in the country belongs to the white ethnic group. Approx 77.1% population is from the white ethnic group.

13.3% population is from the black ethnic group. 5.6% belongs to Asian ethnic group. 3.2% others and only 1.2% are the native American.

Bad Habits

A survey report says, 7% of the population is the country never take a shower/ bath.

American’s resource consumption rate is so high that 35 Kenyan people can consume the resource consumed by one American.

Four earth planets are required to sustain the rate of resource consumption of Americans.

Young children/Teens can legally smoke but they can not but the cigarette.

Every day new 4000 teens smoke their first cigarette of life and 1000 starts smoking for regular basis.

In US’s jail, there is approx 2.25 million prisoner are present. It is the one fourth (1/4) of the total prisoner in the world.

Death and Causes

One person lost his life, every hour because of drunk drivers in the US.

50,000 people dies every year just because of secondhand smoke.

1 in every 5 death is caused by smoking.

Medical error is also a big cause of the deaths in the US.

Food & Fast Food

In a single day 100 acres of Pizzas are served in the U.S.

3 out of 10 people are obese in US because of the fast food.

8 billion chickens are consumed per year by Americans.

American loves banana more than other fruits.

35 tons of food is eaten by an average American person in a lifetime.

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Nepal Facts

Nepal Facts

Nepal is also is a South Asian Subcontinent country located in the beneath of the Himalaya mountain range. The official name of the country is
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. In this post we share some amazing  Nepal facts with you.

Nepal Facts

On the basis of land, Nepal ranks 93rd in the list of largest country and on the basis of population ranks 48th with the population of 26.4 million.

45% people communicate in official language which is Nepali.

92% of the country’s electricity produced by hydropower and rest is produced by fossil fuel.

Nepali people face long electricity cut. The average electricity cut happens for 12 hours.

It is also country in the world that was not colonised by foreigners like European and British. Thus Nepal has no independent day.

Gurkha soldier of Nepal are one of the best soldiers in the world.

Kathmandu is the capital and the largest city of the country.

Buddha was born in Nepal near at Lumbini.

Nepal is referred to “Amazon of the Asia” because of 5,980 different species of flowering plant grows in the country including 360 species of orchid which is 2% of the world’s orchid.

Operating route length of Nepal Railways is just 59 kilometres long. it is operated by the Nepalese Government.

It is also home of leopard, the red panda, and the one-horned rhino.

Unesco Listed four places of Nepal in the World Heritage Place.

In Nepal, it believes that head is the most sacred part of the body so touching anyone’s head is offensive and touching something with feet is also offensive.

2011 earthquake shifted the Kathmandu to 1 meter (3 feet) south only within 30 seconds.

Nepal Facts

Nepal Facts

Nepal is the only country in the world in this modern time whose flag is not a rectangle.

It shares its international border with just two countries, India and China.

It is the biggest Hindu Nation in the world.  81% of people in the country are Hindu.

80% of the bird of the world is living in Nepal. 870 different species of birds are living in Nepal. it is more than North Africa and Europe combined

It is the home of the world’s 8 highest mountain including Mount Everest. Mount Everest is known as “Sagarmatha” in the country which means “forehead of the sea”.

No Passport or Visa required for an Indian citizen to visit Nepal but any kind of Government Id card is required to prove Indian citizenship.

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Sri Lanka Facts

Sri Lanka Facts

Sri Lanka is a South Asian island country. The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is the full name of the country. In the map, it is located at the bottom of India. In Hindu myths, it was the home of Ravan. It is a beautiful country. Let see some interesting Sri Lanka Facts.

The national flag of Sri Lanka is created  162 BC year ago and is one of the oldest flags in the world.

Sri Lanka’s geographical shape is similar to a drop so it is referred to the pearl of the Indian ocean and the tear of India.

It has two capitals. Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is Administrative and Colombo is Commercial capital.

 Sri Lanka Facts
Sri Lanka Facts

Sri Lanka Facts

After a year of India’s independence, Sri Lanka became an independent country in 1948.

Before this Portuguese, Dutch and British made their colonies in Sri Lanka respectively in 1505, 1658 and 1796.

With a literacy rate of 92%, it is the most educated country in the South Asia subcontinent.

Before 1972 the country is called Ceylon. Sri Lanka’s name is given to it in 1972 when it became a republic country.

There is a tree in Sri Lanka that was planted by a human 2000 years ago. It is still live. This tree was grown from the cutting brought from Bodh Gaya in India.

In 1960 world’s first lady Prime Minister was elected in Sri Lanka. At that time the country was called Ceylon.

Anti Malaria Campaign was so successful that it made the country Malaria free. And the World Health Organisation listed it in a malaria-free country.

‘Sex’ is the most searched keyword in Google in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is the fourth biggest producer of tea in the world after China, India, and Kenya. And listed in third place in the biggest exporter of tea.

World-famous Lipton Tea was founded in the country.

In 2010 Akon refused to visit Sri Lanka because his song “Sexy Chick” was banned in the country. The reason for the song ban was the scene in the video where they doing a pool party in front of the Buddha statue.

Sri Lanka is the only country in the world where someone can see elephants the biggest mammal on land, and blue whale, the ocean’s biggest mammal.

Sri Lanka is the top exporter of cinnamon and also the home of world class spices. Now you know why Sri Lankan food is so delicious.

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Thailand Facts

thailand facts

Thailand is a Southeast Asia country with incredible beauties. It is the most loved tourist spot for South Asian people. The lifestyle, culture, and natural beauty of the country attract everyone. People visit Thailand for its beaches, royal palaces and ancient ruins. Let see some Thailand Facts.

Thailand Facts

Its official name is the Kingdom of Thailand. The meaning of Thailand in the “Thai” language is “Land of the Free”. Bangkok is the capital city of the country.

The most populated city in the country is Bangkok. It is the home of every 10th Thai person.

90% people use “Thai language to communicate and it is the national language of Thailand.

Thai language consist 32 vowels and 44 consonants.

Like Japan, Thailand is also a collection of 1,300 islands.

thailand facts
Thailand Facts

Orchid is the national flower of  Thailand and more than 1,500 species of orchids grow in the country. Thailand is the top exporter of orchid in the world.

There were a number of canals in the country that it was called “Venice of the east”. Most of the canals do not exist now.

It is a Buddhist country. 95% of the people of the country follow Buddhism. World’s largest gold Buddha is placed in Wat Traimit temple.

It is ranked in 51st place in the world’s largest countries on the basis of land and ranked 20th place on the basis of the population with the population of  67 million.

With approx 22 million international visitors per year, Bangkok is the most visited city in the world.

From May to September there is rain falls every day in Thailand.

Approx more than 40,000 temples are in the country.

It is illegal to go in public places without a shirt on and if someone is found without a shirt, the result would be imprisonment.

In Southeast Asia, Thailand is the second country that lost its forest very quickly. Within last century the country lost its 75% of the forest.

Before India, Thailand was the top exporter of rice in the world. Now it is in the second position.

In 2004 tsunami killed more than 8000 people. It is considered the worst natural disaster in the history of Thailand.

20% of the police in the Bangkok city suffers from lung disease because of the high pollution rate.

Wildlife Facts

thailand facts
Thailand Facts

Thailand is the home of every animal species in the world and the total of 10% of the world’s animal life in the country.

Mekong River is the home for 1,300 different species of fish. In Thailand, there are cavefish that can walk and climb waterfalls.

World’s smallest mammal hog-nosed bat is found in some parts of the country.

Thailand holds the world record for the largest crocodiles farm.

There are only 5000 elephants left in Thailand. A century ago Thailand was the home of 100,000 elephants.

The world’s longest poisonous snake King Cobra also lives in Thailand. It is also home of world’s longest python.

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Israel Facts

israel facts

Israel is a middle east Jewish country and it is the only country in the middle east that has the liberal democracy. In this article, you will read some amazing Israel facts.

Israel Facts

Country’s official language is Hebrew. It is one of the oldest languages in the world.

Hoopoe is the national bird of the country. Cyclamen persicum is the national flower.

There is no codified constitution in the country but it is a democratic country.

Oldest continuously used cemetery in the world is in Jerusalem.

Israel is on the list of countries that launches satellites in space.

44% of the lawyer in the country are women and a huge number of women working in IDF.

Living standards of Israel is very high than any middle east country.

Israel is the number one country that recycle most of plastic waste.

Israel offered Albert Einstein the presidentship of Israel in 1952 but he declined the offer.

New York City’s (NYC) population is twice that of Israel’s population.

In Israel, it is compulsory for every young ( male, female, rich, poor, minister’s family members) to practice military training.

Underweight models are banned in Israel.

For convenience to the blind, Israel notes have Braille markings on them.

In the Kargil war between India and Pakistan, Israel secretly supported India.

In World

It is the only country in the world that is situated in the same place with the same name for the last 3000 years.

Israel ranks 154th on the basis of land and 100th on the basis of population. But its ranks 6th among the most powerful countries and has the 4th largest military in the world.

Starbuck has huge success in the world except for Israel.

El Al, Israel’s national airline traveled with 1088 and set a world record of most passengers in a flight.

The oldest copper mine in the world also belongs to Israel.

Medical service in Israel is so rich that it is the home of the most cancer survival patients in the world.

World’s 5 percent followers produced in Israel.

It is the only country in the world wherein the 21st century the number of trees increased instead of decreasing.

Israel facts

Israel Facts ( Inventions )

An Israel software company developed the IM (Instant Messaging) AOL.

World’s first mobile phone was developed in Israel by Motorola and voicemail was also developed in Israel.

Antivirus was also developed in this nation.

USB memory stick/ Flash Drive/ Pen Drive was developed by an Israeli
entrepreneur named Dov Moran.

First epilator (Hair Remover) was designed and manufactured in Israel.

Cervical cancer vaccine was developed by the team that was led by Israeli Doctor.

Given Imaging, Israeli medical technology company developed a camera that is so small it fits in a pill.

Drip irrigation to save the water was invented in the Israel.

To protect passenger and fighter aircraft from missile attack, Israel developed a system.

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Facts about Pakistan

facts about Pakistan

Facts about Pakistan:–  On August 14, 1947, the history of Pakistan begins after getting the independence from the British. At that time Pakistan consisted two land East Pakistan and West Pakistan. East Pakistan is Now called Bangladesh.

Some facts about Pakistan

  1. Pakistan means “Land of Pure ” In Urdu and Persian.
  2. The first Governor-General of Pakistan was Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and Liaquat Ali Khan was the first Prime Minister.
  3. Two people from Pakistan won the Nobel prize. In 1979, Abdus Salam for Physics and in 2014 Malala Yousafzai for Peace.
  4. Pakistan is the sixth largest populated country in the world.
  5. Wasim Akram was the first international bowler to take 400 wickets on both tests and ODIs.
  6. Edhi Foundation from Pakistan operates world’s biggest ambulance network.
  7. Pakistan uses the canal to irrigation that the largest canal-based irrigation system in the world.
  8. The Karakoram Highway, Pakistan is the highest paved international road.
  9. In Muslim countries, Pakistan was the first who attained nuclear power.
  10. World’s highest ATM by National Bank of Pakistan is situated at a height of 16,007 feet above sea level, at the Pak-China border, Khunjerab Pass.
facts about Pakistan

Some facts about Pakistan

  1. The largest city of Pakistan is Karachi. Karachi is the home of 17 million peoples and it is also financial hub of the country. Karachi was the first capital of Pakistan until 1958.
  2.   Until 1958 Queen Elizabeth II was the Queen Of Pakistan.
  3. “Roh” the sugarcane juice is the national drink of Pakistan.
  4. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) set a record for flying the fastest between London and Karachi. This record is unbroken till today. In 6 hours, 43 minutes, 55 seconds they completed the flight.
  5. The highest mountain peak in Pakistanis K-2. it is also the second highest peak in the world.
  6. At the age of 20 years and 9 months, old Mohammed Ilyas became the world’s youngest judge.
  7. The ‘Khewra Salt Mine’ is the world’s oldest and second largest mine.
  8. The Pakistani army is the eleventh largest army in the world.
  9. 25% of the land in Pakistan used for agricultural cultivation. It is three times more than Russia irrigates.
  10. Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital city in the world.

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