Facts about Fiji Islands

Fiji islands

Fiji is a island country located in pacific ocean. It is 2000 kilometer (1242 miles) far from the Australia continent. Its neighbor countries are Tonga, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Samoa etc. Below we are sharing some facts about Fiji Islands. Facts about Fiji Islands It is located in North-East of the Pacific ocean. This country is … Read more

Interesting facts about the Great Wall of China

Great wall of china facts

The Great Wall of China is one of the most impressive and some say one of the most massive walls in the world. The Chinese have long believed that man is a microcosm of the universe, and for that reason, they also believe that every city, village, and province should have a Great Wall. Here … Read more

Iceland facts


Ice land is North Atlantic country.  The country has a total land area of  100,250 Km2 (38,707 sq. miles). It is the home  348,580 peoples. “Reykjavík”  is the capital city of the country. In this post, you will read some interesting Iceland facts. It is one of the last place where the humans settled. First … Read more

USA facts

usa facts

The USA is the North American country that has 50 states. It is the 2nd largest country in the world on the basis of land and 3rd largest country on the basis of population. The US is the home of 324,459,463 people which is almost 4.29% of the total population of the world. We are … Read more

Bangladesh Facts

Bangladesh Facts

Bangladesh is a South Asian country and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the official name of the country. On the basis of the land, Bangladesh 92nd largest country in the world and on the basis of the population ranked 8th in the world and ranks 5th in Asia. It shares the border with 2 … Read more

Nepal Facts

Nepal Facts

Nepal is also is a South Asian Subcontinent country located in the beneath of the Himalaya mountain range. The official name of the country is Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. In this post we share some amazing  Nepal facts with you. Nepal Facts On the basis of land, Nepal ranks 93rd in the list of … Read more

Sri Lanka Facts

Sri Lanka Facts

Sri Lanka is a South Asian island country. The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is the full name of the country. In the map, it is located at the bottom of India. In Hindu myths, it was the home of Ravan. It is a beautiful country. Let see some interesting Sri Lanka Facts. The … Read more

Thailand Facts

thailand facts

Thailand is a Southeast Asia country with incredible beauties. It is the most loved tourist’s spot for South Asian people. The lifestyle, culture and natural beauty of the country attract everyone. People visit Thailand for its beaches, royal palaces and ancient ruins. Let see some Thailand Facts. Thailand Facts Its official name is the Kingdom of … Read more

Israel Facts

israel facts

Israel is a middle east Jewish country and it is the only country in the middle east that has the liberal democracy. In this article, you will read some amazing Israel facts. Israel Facts Country’s official language is Hebrew. It is one of the oldest languages in the world. Hoopoe is the national bird of … Read more