Water Facts

Water Facts

Everyone knows about water. Because it is one of the main things which support life on earth. Without water, there is no existence of life on this beautiful earth. The earth is approx 4.6 billion years old but the water is not that old. The study shows that the water came on earth by asteroid-like objects 3.8 billion year ago. The amount of water present on earth today is equal the amount of water delivered by asteroid-like objects. There is approx 1,234 million trillion litres of water is presnt on earth. Let’s see some more water facts in this post.

Water Facts

  • As the water is 3.8 billion years old. Some of the water molecules in your glass full of water are the part of the water, that was drunk by dinosaurs.
  • Water occupied 71 per cent of the total surface of the earth. 96.5 per cent of the water is present in the oceans. the remaining water is present in lakes, rivers etc.
  • Water is also present in you and me. 75% our brain is water and 75% of any living tree is also water and everything which consumes the water in any way contains some amount of water in it. Like the soil has also water in the form of groundwater and the environment or air has also water in the form of vapours.
  • 71 per cent of the earth is covered by water but it does not mean that we can consume all of the water. In reality, only 2.5 per cent of the total water is consumable and only 1 per cent is easily accessible. Remaining is trapped in glaciers.
  • Water is so important in the earth for supporting life because it helps in regulating the earth’s temperature. And also work same for human bodies, regulate temperature, remove wastes, protect organs and supply nutrients and oxygen to cells.
  • The importance of water can be seen from the historical incidents when a state or country invaded others only for water. There have been 265 recorded incidents of conflicts only for water from BC 3000 to 2012.
  • When the water is freezing and converted in ice the surface area of that ice is increased than the water and ice is lighter than water.
  • To grow a single-day food for a family of four members is required 25,740 litres of water.

Facts about water

  • 75 litres of water is used to create a pint of beer.
  • contaminated water or dirty water kills 200 children every hour. 80 per cent of all illness is related to water.
  • In most of the countries, more than half of the population is using dirty water (Not considered good for drinking or preparing food) for everyday household use.
  • It is suggested that everyone should drink approx 5 litres of water per day.
  • A cup of tea requires two times less water then a cup of coffee.
  • 83,279 litres of water is needed to fill an average pool and 264 litres to fill a bathtub. And a pool loses 3785 litres of water every month due to evaporation.
  • Countries like Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Madagascar uses more than 90 per cent of its freshwater for agriculture and India, China and the USA uses 80, 65, 40 per cent of freshwater respectively.

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Ocean Pollution Facts

ocean pollution facts

Ocean, the place where the power of a human is useless. Till now humans just discovered only less than 10% of the ocean. But 95% of pollution occurred in the ocean by human activities. The pollution in the ocean disturbed the sealife ecosystem. The pollution in the ocean disturbed the sea life ecosystem. Some of the sea creatures are near too extinct due to ocean pollution. Let check out some ocean pollution facts.

Ocean Pollution Facts

Main Pollution Sources

Plastic is the most common pollutant in oceans. It takes so many long time to decompose.

Only plastic is responsible for 80% of the negative effects on sea life.

45,000 pieces of plastic are floating in every square mile of the ocean.

90% of plastic is carried in the ocean by just 10 rivers. The rivers are

  1. Yangtze River- China
  2. Hai he River – China
  3. Yellow River – China
  4. Pearl River – China and Vietnam
  5. Indus River – China, India and Pakistan
  6. Amur River – Russia and China
  7. Mekong River- China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
  8. Ganga River – India and Bangladesh
  9. Nile River – Egypt, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Zaire
  10. Niger River – Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin, and Nigeria

Toxic metals are also responsible for pollution in the ocean.

Nuclear active wastage, which is dumped in the ocean also causes pollution.

Organic waste carried in the ocean by sewage creates biodiversity

Other sources of ocean pollution are oil, dirt, septic tanks, farms, ranches, motor vehicles. Daily thousand of tons of garbage is dumped in the ocean.

ocean pollution facts

Effect on Ecosystem

There are some places in the ocean, which are considered dead zones because of the presence of a high quantity of pollutants. 

There is very very little sea life in dead zones. Only rigid creatures can survive there.

Every year three lakh (300,000) dolphins die entangled in discarded fishing nets.

One lakh (100,000) ocean mammals die due to ocean pollution every year.

Eating contaminated seafood cause diseases like cancer, immune dysfunction, etc.

Garbage island

In the Pacific Ocean, there is an island formed from the garbage. It has an approx area of 700,000 square kilometers.

The island is bigger in size than any state of India.

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Harms of plastic material

Plastics are a part of our daily life but that does not mean it is safe or healthy for us. Plastic production has many negative health and environmental effects. Polythene or plastic bags are thrown out they mixed with debris and shattered into various streets, parks, and beaches, which cause problems for every kind of living being. On the other hand, if the plastic is burned then they disseminate toxic fumes and hazardous gases onto the air, which causes air pollution. check out plastic pollution facts and the harms of plastic.

Plastic Pollution Facts

plastic pollution facts

Plastic is part of major pollutions like ocean pollution, soil pollution, air pollution.

One-third of the litter on beaches is plastic.

8.3 billion tons of plastic garbage has been produced worldwide, since 1950.

Only 10 rivers carried 90% of plastic garbage in the ocean. 8 of them belong from the Asia region and 2 from Africa.

Every year 1 million animals and seabirds are died because of plastic.

In the last 50 years, plastic production doubled which means plastic garbage is also doubled.

We use 50% of plastic, just for one time, and throw it after.

 12 minutes is the average time that a plastic bag is used.

In One minute, 2 million plastic bags are used worldwide.

In one minute, 1 million plastic bottles are used worldwide.

Every year, an average person eats 70,000 microplastic.

Every year we produce enough plastic garbage that can circle the earth four times.

Plastic usually takes 700-1000 years to decompose naturally.

In Some countries plastic bags are illegal.

Harms of plastic

plastic pollution facts

The common chemical used in everyday products such as plastic drink containers and baby bottles, create health problems.

Plastic affects differently on every human being, on some, it causes problems like migraine, dizziness, acute skin irritation.

Water bottles have very low doses of bisphenol, which causes cancers, impaired immune function, early onset of puberty, obesity, diabetes, and hyperactivity.

Packing of many foods like fish, meat, cheeses, peanuts contains plastic, can cause eyes irritation, nose or throat problems.

The Wildlife and sealife also got disturbed with plastic. whales, dolphins, seals, and turtles die due to plastic bags. Some wild animal dies after eating plastic from the garbage.

plastic pollution facts

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What if oxygen vanish for 5 seconds?

What if oxygen vanish fromErat for 5 SEconds

Few of people can stop breath-taking for 30 seconds to 1 minute with or without any difficulty. The world record for breath-taking is 24 minutes. Now come to the point and let’s talk about what would be happen when the oxygen vanish from Earth for 5 seconds.

  1. Air pressure would be decreased by 20%.
  2. Ozone layer would also vanish.
  3. All the concrete building will collapse.
  4. Earth’s layer would break down.
  5. The automobile would stop working.
  6. There would be dark like night in all over world.
  7. The metals in world would be weld to each other.
  8. The water resources would be evaporated.
  9. People would lost their ability of listening.
  10. The people would be turn into mummy.

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