9 Interesting Facts About Indian Culture- You Should Know

Indian Facts about Indian Culture

Hello friends, Welcome to Factsadda.Com In this post, we are going to tell you interesting facts about Indian culture. In which the great history of India, the unique geography, and the Indus Valley civilization was born, and it built in the Vedic era. After that, Buddhism and the beginning of the Golden Age and along … Read more

Anceint Indian Inventions

Indian inventions

India the country that gave lots of things to the world. Some of the old invention from India still used or used as a base for new inventions. Ancient India gave lots of invention to the world that without them the imagination of the modern world is nothing more than wasting time on thinking. In … Read more

National bird of India

national bird of India

Peacock is the national bird of India and it belongs to pheasant birds family. Peacocks are very colourful and decorative birds.  It is mainly found in Southeast Asia and also found in Central Africa and Central America. Let’s take a look at facts on the national bird of India. In the Hindu religion, peacocks are … Read more

Facts about indian railways

Indian Rail Info

Indian Railway is the rail network of India. Indian Railway’s operating route length is more than 65,000 km and it is operated and maintained by the Ministry of Railways of India. Let’s see some facts about Indian railways. Facts about Indian railways History On 16th April 1853, India’s First Train ran. It ran from Bombay … Read more

Mukesh Ambani Facts

Mukesh Ambani Facts

In Business world, Mukesh Ambani is the name that does not need any introduction. He is an India business tycoon. He is the chairperson, MD (Managing Director) and highest shareholder of the RIL (Reliance Industries Limited). RIL has the highest market value which makes it India’s most valuable company. We are sharing with you some … Read more

Intersting facts about Himachal Pardesh

Facts about Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a Northern Indian State. Which famous for its natural beauty. Every visitor admires its natural beauty. It attracts visitor from all over the world. Facts about Himachal Pradesh Geography Before talking about facts about Himachal Pradesh. Let read about its geography and history. Himachal Pradesh is a mountainous state. Himachal Pradesh is … Read more