Amazing Parrot Facts

parrot facts

Parrots are the birds which are considered as the intelligent bird. Parrots are not only intelligent they are beautiful too. Their colourfulness makes them beautiful in among all the birds. Parrots are very close to human since old time. Their ability to talk or cramming makes them one of the favourite pet bird of human. … Read more

Gorilla Facts

gorilla facts

Gorillas are closest living relatives to humans after the chimpanzees and bonobos. They have similar DNA to human. These large apes are native to Africa. They live on the ground and eat herbivorous. Gorillas are divided into two groups, the eastern gorillas and the western gorillas. Let’s see some Gorilla facts :). Gorilla Word Gorilla … Read more

25 Amazing facts about animals and birds

amazing facts about animals and birds

Interesting facts about animals and birds. We live surrounded by different types of animals and birds. In a different location, we are surrounded by different types of animals and birds. As a human we also curious to know about others which are not surrounding us. So we are sharing a few amazing facts about animals … Read more

Name of the group of the animals and birds

Like humans have the name for their group humans also give the name to the animals and birds. The group of animals and birds have the different name. The funny group name is given to the panda’s group. Below are the names of the group of animals called. Animal Group Name A group of Pandas … Read more

Age of animals

We are surrounded by different kind of animals. Some of theme are pet and some of them are wild. Every animal has the different lifespan from 1-2 weeks to 150+ years. In below list, we listed the age of animals. take a look. Age of Animals (Pet) Sr. No Animal Lifespan 1 Cow 18-22 years … Read more

Harms of plastic material

Plastics are a part of our daily life but that does not mean it is safe or healthy for us. Plastic production has many negative health and environmental effects. Polythene or plastic bags are thrown out they mixed with debris and shattered into various streets, parks and beaches, which cause problems for every kind of … Read more


Pandas are cousins of bears. Take look at some Panda Facts Panda Facts Panda only found in China. All the panda present in other countries are on loan from China. In the wild there is only 1864 pandas by year 2014. Main diet of Panda is bamboo. 99% of diet of panda is only bamboo. … Read more