Classification of drugs

classification of drugs

Every medicine we used during disease is of some specific type. Like while suffering from acidity we use antacids. Antacids reduce the activity of gastric secretion. Every pharmacy company sells its medicine with a different name. So in the hospitals, the doctor generally uses the classified name of medicine because in every hospital there is more than two pharma company that can supply the medicines. To make things easy they just told staff to give the patient an Antacids if the patient is suffering from acidity. Only in severe conditions, the doctor prefers the specific medicine. we are listing the classification of drugs in this article. Hope it will help a little bit the medical students out there.

Classification of drugs

1 Antacids- reduce the activity of gastric secretion.

2 Anti-coagulants- a substance which decreases blood clotting process.

3 Analgesics-Drugs used to relieve pain.

4 Anti-pyaratic- Drugs that reduce fever.

5 Anti-dotes- a substance that used to counteract the effect of poison.

6 Anti-infectives-kill or retard the growth of the microorganism.

7 Myotics-contract the pupils of eyes.

8 Anti-diarrhetic- Agents that are used for diarrhoea.

9 Anti-pruritic- A drug that relieves itching.

10 Laxatives-A mild action to expel gas.

11 Diuretics- increase the flow of urine.

12Emetics- Drugs that produce vomiting.

13.Oxytocics- Drug that stimulates uterine contraction.

14 Hypnotics- for inducing sleep.

15 Hypotensive- a substance that capable of lowering blood pressure.

16 Antiseptic- A substance inhibits the growth of bacteria.

17 Purgatives- more powerful than laxatives.

18 Androgens- male sex hormone activity.

19 Digestants- An agent that promotes digestion.

20 Drastics- have a violent action.

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