Don Bradman

Don Bradman

In the early 1900s, a cricket legend was born, that contributed so much to the cricket world. August 27th,1908 was the day when this legend was born at Cootamundra, Australia. We all know him as Don Bradman, but his real name was Donald Geroge Bradman. He is the greatest player of all time. let’s have a look at some interesting facts about Don Bradman.

Don Bradman early life.

  • Bradman’s parents are of Italian descendant. He was 4 siblings. He was the most younger child in the family.
  • Bradman practised batting with a cricket bat and golf ball on the wall. He did not have formal coaching of cricket
  • While playing for his school Bowral Public School, he scored his first century against Mittagong High School.
  • At the age of 12 years, he played in local Bowral senior team, under the captaincy of his uncle, George Whatman. He scored 37 and 29 respectively and remained not out in both innings.
  • In school days he not only play cricket, he was proficient at tennis, played rugby and won the 100, 220, 440 and 880-yard race in school sports day.
  • He married his childhood friend Jessie Menzies on April 1932, St. Paul’s Church, Burwood

Don Bradman Facts

Don Bradman
P.C. :
  • Don Bradman never affected by nervous nineties. His average was 97.85 and 104.50 in 1st and 2nd innings respectively
  • In first-class cricket, Don Brandon scored 28067 runs with an average of 95.14. He played 54 international matches and scored 6996 with an average of 99.94.
  • In his entire career, he played only a series again South Africa and scored 860 runs with an average of 201.50
  • He did captaincy for Australia on 24 matches. Under his captaincy team won 15 matches, lost 3 matches and 6 matches were draw.
  • In his entire cricket career, he only once got hit wicket out by Indian bowler Lala Amarnath.
  • With an average of 139.14, Don Bradman scored 974 runs in the 1930 Ashes Series. It is a still a record.
  • In India, 1948 in honour of Don Bradman a regional team Kathiawar, abandon match against Maharastra. Because a player Bhausahibe Nimbalkar playing on 443. It was done because they think it would not be courteous for Bhausahibe Nimbalkar to overtake the Bradman’s first-class individual record of 453.
  • Don Bradman has the highest average of 99.94 in test matches. This unbreakable record is considered the highest achievement of any sportsperson. He dismissed for a duck when he just needed 4 runs to achieve the batting average of 100.
  •  GPO (General Post Office) Box Number of Australian Broadcasting Corporation is 9994. Which is taken in honour of Don Bradman because the batting average of him was 99.94.
  • Nelson Mandela’s first word was “Is Don Bradman still alive. When he released from prison after 27 years.
  • He took last breath on 25 February 2001, at Kensington Park, Australia.

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