Benefits of giving up smoking

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The relation between smoking and human are more old than modern cultures. Humans are smoking from the last 4000 BC. Every culture has relation with smoking. Different kind of herbs is used for smoking. In Hindu culture, Hemp (Bhang) is a religious plant. It is used by Lord Shiva to concentration. Smoking look cool but it has a bad effect on the body if taken in excessive. Excessive everything is harmful. It is not only harmful to the person who smokes but also for the person sitting beside. Let see some benefits of giving up smoking.

Before seeing the benefit of giving up smoking let see harms of the smoking and disease caused by it. Smoking causes a different kind of cancers like lung cancer, throat cancer, head cancer. It also causes heart-related problems. It also affects the immunity.

Note:- We are not promoting any kind of smoking because it is harmful to the body.

Benefits of giving up smoking

The pulse and blood pressure drop after 20 minutes.

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Oxygen level would increase in blood and the concentration of carbon monoxide in the blood reduces after 8 hours.

The sense of smell and taste would be improved after 48 hours.

Bronchial tubes relax after 72 hours.

Lungs function and condition would improve in the period of 2 weeks to 3 months.

A cough would go away and airways start become free in the period of 1 month to 9 months.

The risk of heart disease cut in half in one year.

In 5 year the chance of having a stroke would be the same as the non-smoker.

Within 10 year the chance of having lung cancer would be half.


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