Facebook Facts


Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking site. It is the first project of Mark Zuckerberg. And it is a massive success.  In this article, we are sharing with you some interesting Facebook facts.

Facebook Facts

  1. Facebook was first known as Facemash.
  2. Facemash was basically a web game called “Hot or Not”. In which visitors compare two female student pictures side-by-side and vote for Hot.
  3. In just first, four hours Facemash attracted 450 visitors and 22,000 photo-views.
  4. On February 4, 2004, Facebook launched on the Domain “TheFacebook”.
  5. In 2015, Facebook removed “The”.
  6.  Facebook had 6 Million users by December 2015.
  7. It is the world’s biggest social networking site.
  8. Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram.
  9. In every 8 seconds, a new person joins Facebook.
  10. 79% Facebook user use Facebook in mobile.
  11. In one minute 3 million posts are posted.
  12.  100000 friend requests are made in every ten minutes.
  13. In one hour Facebook generates revenue of amount ₹103 million.
  14. 73% revenue of Facebook comes from mobile ads.
  15. 350 million photos are uploaded daily on Facebook.
  16. An average user spent 21 minutes daily on Facebook.
  17. Total 927 million hours in a month spent by users all around word on playing Games on Facebook.
  18. United States’s 31% of senior citizens use Facebook.
  19. In Nov 2014 the number of videos uploaded to Facebook exceeded than video on YouTube.
  20. From mobile advertisement, Facebook earns ₹171 billion in a quarter.

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