Facts about Fiji Islands

Fiji islands

Fiji is an island country located in the pacific ocean. It is 2000 kilometers (1242 miles) far from the Australian continent. Its neighbor countries are Tonga, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Samoa, etc. Below we are sharing some facts about Fiji Islands.

Facts about Fiji Islands

  • It is located in North-East of the Pacific ocean. This country is an island country like Japan. It is the collection of 330 islands.
  • The two biggest islands of the countries are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Viti Levu has a total area of 10,389 Sq Kilometers and is home of 600,000 peoples And Vanua Levu has a total of 5,587 Sq Kilometers.
  • 87% of the population of Fiji Lives on that two Islands ( Viti Levu and Vanua Levu ). The population of country 910,000. 40% of the population is in Fiji are Indian origin.
  • The capital of the country is Suva. And the biggest city in the country is also Suva. In Suva 77,000+ people lives.
  • Fiji’s economy is the strongest economy among the pacific ocean countries. The main source of the income of the country is the tourists and export of sugar.
  • Fiji currency is called Fijian Dollar and its value is greater than some countries like India, Pakistan etc. A Fijian Dollar is equal to 30+ INR.
  • Like other countries, Fiji also got independence from the United Kingdom. It got freedom on Oct 10, 1970.
  • Fijian Dollar still has a photo of Queen Elizabeth and the national flag of Fiji still also has Union Jack on it. The reason for this is because it is part of the commonwealth.
  • The biggest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere is built in Nadi.
  • There are three official languages in the country. That is Fijian, English and Hindi.
  • Rugby is the national sports of Fiji. It is like a religion for Fijian.

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