Here are the some facts about snakes.

Snakes, the reptile that can kill someone with its poison or strength. Learn more facts about snakes in this post.

There is about 2900 species of the snake and 725 species of them are poisonous. Only 250 species have lethal poison that can kill human with one bite.

Big snakes like pythons kill their prey with their strength. These snakes cling to their prey and kill it by choke and breaking the bones.

The biggest record holder snake is an Anaconda that has weight of 270 kg and a length of 9 meters (30 feet).

Black mamba snake can strike with 12 bits in a row. It is one of the venomous snakes and it’s one bite is enough to kill an adult human.

Snakes do not have ears. They feel the vibration and react accordingly.

There are traces of the back leg on pythons and boa snake. The legs were on their body million years ago but due to evolution, the legs were gone.

Scared of snakes? There is no snake in Ireland, New Zealand, Iceland, the south pole, and the north pole.

Small snakes can take up to five days to digest their last meal. But bigger snakes like anaconda take months to digest their meal.

Facts about snakes

The only known animal that is immune to snake poison is Mongoose.

Snakes not only bite biting can transfer poison but some of them have the ability to spit the poison. Spitting cobra is one of the snakes that can spit poison.

There are some snakes that can fly. Five species of snake can fly on air up to 100 meters.

The snakes have 200 teeth. But they don’t chew, the swallow its prey.

The life of fang (teeth that release poison) of a snake is just 10 weeks but they grow a new one over time.

Snake has ability to smell with their tongue.

The Arafura only lay a single egg once every decade (ten years). The reason behind this is their diet. They eat less.

As the digestion system is slow in the snake, the maximum number meals taken by a snake in a year is just 30.

Snake can bite itself and die with its own poison.

In a year 40,000 humans are killed by snakes.

Some snake starts eating itself when they do not find anything to eat for a long time.

In Africa snakes hibernate in summers and in south Asia they hibernate in winter.