Friendship day facts

Friendship Day Facts

We born with all the relation like parents, siblings, grandparents and uncle aunt. But friendship is the relation which we create by own self with someone. We also celebrate this relation like we celebrate other relation. Friendship day is the celebration of bonding, love, affection between friends. Check out some Friendship Day Facts.

Friendship Day Facts

  • Friendship day is celebrated on the First Sunday of August.
  • July 30, 1958, was the first Friendship Day.
  • On the 10th anniversary of the friendship day in 1967, the famous band of that time released their popular song “With a Little Help from My Friends”.
  • In different countries, its celebrated on different days.
  • Friendship day celebrates in Aydhoya since 4th Century CE written in Mahabharat.
  • In India, Nepal, Pakistan Friendship day celebrated on First Sunday of August.
  • In the US Friendship day celebrated on 2 August.
  • Argentina, Brazil celebrate Friendship day on 20th of July.
  • In Paraguay Friendship day on 30th of July. 
  • Finland and Estonia celebrated Valentin’s Day as Friendship Day.
  • Brazillian and Filipinos have the big close (More than 10) friend circle in the world.
  • February is celebrated as the International Friendship Month. 
  • National New Friends, Old Friends week is celebrated in the third week of May in the US.
  • Studies proved that people are more loyal to their online friends than the friends they meet often.

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