Harms of plastic material

Plastics are a part of our daily life but that does not mean it is safe or healthy for us. Plastic production has many negative health and environmental effects. Polythene or plastic bags are thrown out they mixed with debris and shattered into various streets, parks and beaches, which cause problems for every kind of living beings. On the other hand, if the plastic is burned then they disseminate toxic fumes and hazardous gases on to air, which causes air pollution. check out plastic pollution facts and harms of plastic.

Plastic Pollution Facts

plastic pollution facts

Plastic is the part of major pollutions like ocean pollution, soil pollution, air pollution.

One third of the litter on beaches are plastic.

8.3 billion ton of plastic garbage has been produced worldwide, since 1950.

Only 10 rivers carried 90%  plastic garbage in the ocean. 8 of them belong from Asia region and 2 from Africa.

Every year 1 million animal and seabirds are died because of plastic.

In the last 50 years, the plastic production doubled which means the plastic garbage is also doubled.

We use 50% of plastic, just for one time and throw it after.

 12 minute is average time that a plastic bag is used.

In One minute, 2 million plastic bags are used worldwide.

In one minute, 1 million plastic bottles are used worldwide.

Every year, an average person eats 70,000 microplastic.

Every year we produce enough plastic garbage that can circle the earth four times.

Plastic usually take 700-1000 year to decompose naturally.

In Some countries plastic  bags are illegal.

Harms of plastic

plastic pollution facts

The common chemical used in everyday products such as plastic drink containers and baby bottles, create health problems.

Plastic effects differently on every human being, on some, it cause problems like a migraine, dizziness, acute skin irritation.

Water bottles have very low doses of bisphenol, which causes cancers, impaired immune function, early onset of puberty, obesity, diabetes, and hyperactivity.

Packing of many foods like fish, meat, cheeses, peanuts contains plastic, can cause eyes irritation, nose or throat problems.

The Wildlife and sealife also got disturbed with plastic. whales, dolphins, seals, and turtles die due to plastic bags. Some wild animal dies after eating plastic from garbage.

plastic pollution facts