Honey Bee Facts

Humans came into existence over two lakhs (0.2 million) years ago but Honeybees came into existence a long ago approx 13.5 crores (135 million) years ago. This is a massive difference between the time of human existence and honeybees’ existence. Bees are the most rigid insects and can live in any condition. Now let see some honey bee facts.

The home of the honey bee is called a hive and a group of bees is called a colony. A colony has three types of members.

  1. Queen – the adult bee that is the mother of the most of the bees in the hive.
  2. Drones – these bees are male and do mating with the queen bee. Drones neither have a sting nor they do pollination.
  3. Worker – worker bee is a female bee that has lack of full reproductive capacity than the queen bee. All the most important task done by worker bees. To keep alive the hive they make hive cooler or hotter, feed to the queen, drones and brood, guard the hive. Worker bees only do Pollination.

Intersting Honey Bee Facts

honey bee facts
honey bee facts
  • Honeybee never sleep. To conserve energy for the next day’s task, they spend nights motionless.
  • Bee only sting when feeling danger.
  • In a lifetime a bee only produces 1/10 of a teaspoon of honey.
  • 6 weeks is the lifespan of a worker bee.
  • During summer the queen bee can lay 3,000 eggs per day. Summer is the highest producing season for bees. In spring there are 10,000 to 15,000 bees in a hive but in summer the count of bees rises and reach on 50,000 to 60,000.
  • Drone bee’s sole purpose is to mate with the queen. One out of thousand got chance to mate with the queen. Drone dies soon after mating with the queen.

Facts About Honey Bees

honey bee facts
honey bee facts
  • There are total 20,000 types of bees all over the world. All the species have different names. But just a few of them produce honey.
  • The honey bees create a hive in houses and the bees create hive on woods are of a different type.
  • In a year 27-45 kilogram (60-100 lbs) of honey produced by the hive. A bee colony harvested by beekeeper can produce up to 45 kilograms (100 lbs) of honey.
  • 10,000 bees have to fly 88500 kilometres (55,000 miles) only to produce 0.45 kilogram (1 pound) of honey.
  • A worker bee visit up to 2,000 flowers in a day. In one trip bee visit 50 to 100 flowers.
  • Like human teach their child, bees teach new bees, how to produce honey.
  • Bees have the most sophisticated symbolic language. To communicate with other bees they perform the honey dance.
  • Bees have a million neurons in the brain and are able to identify the faces.
  • Approximately 30,000 bees are required to pollinate an acre of fruit garden.
  • Honeybees do 90% of the pollination.
  • Mobile radiation irritates the honeybees.
  • Neonicotinoids is mostly used pesticide for farming but is very harmful to honeybees. It causes the colony collapse disorder.

Honey Fact

honey bee facts
honey bee facts
  • Like milk, honey is also a complete food. It contains all of the nutrients, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water.
  • it also contains the pinocembrin antioxidant which improves brain functioning.
  • Honey is the natural food that has the longest age. I mean honey never spoils.

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