Human body parts

human body
  Largest organSkin
Largest gland   Liver
Smallest cellBlood Cell
Biggest cellEgg Cell (Ovum)
Smallest bonesStaps
First transplanted organHeart
Average weight of largest intestine1.5m
Average weight of new born baby 2.6kg
Cell Pulse rate in one minute72 times
Body temperature36.9°c (98.4°f)
Average blood volume 4-5 liters
Average life of Rbc120 days
Pregnancy period280 days
Largest cellNerve Cell
Number of bones in hand27
Number of bones in human foot33
Number of bones206
Number of muscles639
Number of kidneys 2
Number of ribs24 (12 pairs)
Number of milk teeth20
Number of chamber in the hear4
Largest arteryAorta
Normal blood pressure120-80
Ph of blood7.4
Number of vertebrae in the spine33
Number of vertebrae in the neck7
Number of bones in middle ear6
Number of bones in face14
Number of bones in chest25
Number of bones in arms6
Number of bones in human ear3
Number of bones in human arm72
Number of pumps in heart2

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