Like our last post in this post, we are going to tell you a few other interesting facts of the world. You can check our last post’s amazing facts here. Check out all the facts.

Interesting Facts of the World

  1. frogs don’t drink water, their skin helps them to hydrate The youngest soldier in WWI (World War 1) was only 8 years old.
  2. Brazil has 60% of the Amazon rain forest.
  3. Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine in 1890.
  4. The first car of the world was operated with batteries.
  5. Chameleons are the only animals that can see in a different direction at the same time.
  6. A survey found that men lie 6 times more than women.
  7. In 1971, women of Switzerland got the right to vote.
  8. The longest tunnel in the world is 57 kilometers (35 miles) long which connects Italy with Switzerland.
  9. Canada is the most educated country in the world. 50% of the population of Canada has a college degree.
  10. Coffee is the second most selling thing in the world after petrol.
  11. There are some species of snakes that can survive without food for two years.
  12. In Madhya Pradesh India, police personnel gets extra income for the growing mustache.
  13. World’s biggest chocolate bar weighed 5792 kilograms.
  14. USA-Canada border is the world’s largest border.
  15. In India, Dr. Ashis removed 1,72,155 from a patient’s left kidney in 2009.
  16. Japan face 1500 earthquake every year.
  17. Everyday 1,000,000,000 questions or search is performed on Google.
  18. 14th March is celebrated as Genius day in respect of Einstein.
  19. 39,000,000 peoples are suffering from a visual disability all over the world.
  20. 70% of the spices of the world are produced in India.
  21. China has the world’s most internet users.
  22. Switzerland consumes more chocolate than any other country in the world. Every year 10 kilograms of chocolate consumed by an average person in Switzerland.
  23. In earlier days cocaine was used in coca-cola.
  24. Frogs don’t drink water, their skin helps them to hydrate.
  25. Ants are the only species in the world that do not sleep.

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