Internet facts

Internet facts

Internet, I hope you know about the Internet. Do you what is the internet? If you do not. Please do not panic. I’m going to tell you what is the internet. The Internet is the global system of the computer, interconnected with each other using Internet Protocols. In simple words, the internet is the medium to connect computers, telephone, etc with each other worldwide. If you are seeing this page mean this means you are using the internet. if you want to read more about the internet you can read it in Wikipedia. in this post, we are sharing with you some Internet facts.

Internet facts

St. Isidore is known as Saint of the internet because he was the first person that created an encyclopedia.

In 1971 first email was sent. But now every day 250 billion email is sent.

It takes 8 billion electron to sent a 500kb data on internet.

Within just 4 years internet reach its first 50 Million Users.

51% of the traffic on the internet is fake and triggered by bots and spamming software.

Only 7 persons in the world controlling the internet.

404 Not Found

If something is not found on any website. its shows 404 error code. Why 404 is chosen for this error code? There are two stories for this.

  • First one is related with St. Isidore. Some people say that the birth date of the Saint was 4 April. so the code 404 is chosen.
  • The second one is that the first server of the internet in the Cern facility was situated in room number 404. so they chose 404 for not found error.
Internet facts


Every day the 30,000+ site are hacked.

73% hacking is done all over the world are meant for money.


World’s first website is still live and working fine.

There is more than one billion sites in the Internet.

Two million blog post are shared on the internet every day.

3.1 billion people all over the world are using internet.

120,000 domain names are registered every day.

Facebook has more user in the world. 1.3 billion people are registered on it.

In YouTube 72 hours of video is uploaded in every minute.

80% images in internet are of the naked women.

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