Jackie Chan Facts

jackie chan facts

Jackie Chan was born in Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong on April 7th, 1954. His parents were Chinese Civil War refugees. In childhood, he is called Pao-Pao ( Cannonball ) because he was so energetic. He learned the acrobatic and martial arts from the China Drama Academy. His stage name was Yuen Lo. He was so talented that In the early age of 17, he started working as a stuntman in Bruce Lee’s movies. Let see some more Jackie Chan Facts.

Jackie Chan Facts

Chan Kong-sang is the birth name of Jackie Chan. 1990 he changed his name to Fong Si-lung.

Jackie Chan’s debut movie was Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. That was released in 1978.

After 20 years working in the film industry, Jackie Chan got his first blockbuster movies called Rush Hour in 1998.

Big and Little Wong Tin Bar released in 1962 was the first movie in which Chan appeared. He was only 8 years old at that time.

Jackie recorded more than 20 music albums and dubbed for many Disney classic movies.

Jackie Chan holds the world record for the highest number of stunts by any living human being.

In a single movie called Chines Zodiac, Jackie Chan played 15 different character the cinematographer, the prop man, the stuntman, the stunt coordinator, the director, lead actor, writer, executive producer and producer, the unit producer, the art director, the manager, the gaffer, food caterer, composer, and even sang the theme song. It is a world record.

During the shooting of the movie Armour of God, Jackie Chan jumped out from an airplane and landed on a hot air balloon. This accident resulted in the permanent plastic plug being implanted on Jackie’s skull.

Chan took 2900 separate takes to complete an intricate stunt scene for the movie Dragon Lord.

Jackie Chan does Hollywood movies only for the money. He is not a fan of Hollywood Movies.

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