Jhonty Rhodes facts

Jhonty Rhodes facts

At every particular time, we see some sports legends. Today we are going to talk about one of the sports legends from the cricket world who changed the fielding part of cricket. Before him, fielding is not considered the main part of cricket. But this legend showed us that fielding is also can be a game-changer. By his fielding, he helped his national team to win most of the matches. He proved that saving 16-20 runs in fielding, has the same impact in the game as a half-century made by any player. After him, the very cricket teams also start to focus on fielding. By his fielding, he changed the whole world cricket. We are talking about the World’s best fielder, Jhonty Rhodes. He is titled as the player who can fly on the field. Let’s take a look at some cool Jhonty Rhodes facts.

Jhonty Rhodes facts

He was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa on  July 27, 1969.

In his childhood, Jonty Rhodes was a rugby 🏉 player. But he suffered from mild epilepsy in a younger age, so he has to quit rugby

Jhonty Rhodes also played Hockey for the national team of South Africa. He was a team member of the 1992 Olympics game.

He made his international test cricket debut against India, in Durban on 13 November 1992.

His ODI (One Day International) cricket debut was against Australia, in Sydney Cricket Ground on 26 February 1992.

Jonty Rhodes is the only player in cricket history that won the man of the match award playing as a substitute player. He came to the field as a substitute player and took 7 catches

In the practice season, he often delayed team bus for more catch practice.

He worked as an accountant before calling for the national team.

Jhonty Rhodes introduced the reverse sweep shot.

He is a big fan of India so he named his girl child “India Jeanne Rhodes”.

Jhonty coached the IPL (Indian Premier League) franchise team Mumbai Indian.

He wrote a book named Lonely Planet. This book is a travel guide.

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