Maruti Suzuki Company Facts

Maruti Suzuki Company is a well-known car manufacturer company in India. Maruti Suzuki holds 47 per cent market in car industries. You can see every second car in Indian roads are belong to Maruti Suzuki Company. Suzuki is basically a Japanese Company which manufacture cars in India with Maruti. Today we will learn some facts about Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti Suzuki Company

Two Companies

As you read in the upper paragraph that Maruti and Suzuki are two different companies those make Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Maruti Suzuki India Limited was known as Maruti Udyog Limited after tie up it became Maruti Suzuki India Limited. And Suzuki is a Japanese car and motorcycle manufacturer company know as  Suzuki Motor Corporation.


Talking about shares so Maruti has 56.21% shares of company and Suzuki just holds 43.79% of shares.


Now let see some facts about manufacturing unit of company.

1. 2,545 steps for a single car

To build a single car, the workers have to complete 2,545 steps. Before 2014 the steps count was 3,077.

2. Robots and automation

Robots and automation process are also used. In 2 manufacturing plants total  2,400 robots are used, and all are automated. Mostly paint shop and welding shop use robots and automation process. Painting works require so much concentration. so the robots make the process errorless or decrease the margin of error which result in the fast production.

3. 20,000 tonnes of steel

Every month 20,000 tonnes of steel used. Half of the steel is imported from South Korea’s Posco and Japan’s Kawasaki Steel. 240,000 tonnes of steel used in a year which is enough to build 32 Eiffel Towers.

4. 70,000 litres of paint

Maruti Suzuki Company

To paint 5,000 cars, 70,000 litres of paint every day used. Sixty-five robots are installed to paint the bumpers only at two manufacturing plants at Haryana’s Manesar and Gurgaon.

 5. 4,000 plus trucks every day

Every day more than 4,000 trucks enter an leave the plant. 3,400 trucks are used to import raw materials from 2500 vendors and 600 plus truck are used to send the cars to the dealer.