Mr Bean

Rowan Atkinson commonly known by his character name Mr Bean. He is a screenwriter, actor and comedian. His show Mr Bean is a huge success of his life. This show gave him popularity worldwide. Not only children but adults also love this show. Here are some amazing Mr Bean facts.

Mr Bean Facts

Full name of Mr Bean is Rowan Sebastien Atkinson. His DOB is January 6, 1955. He was born in  Durham England.

Rowan Atkinson was got the rejection from many television shows because of his stammering problem and speaking disorder. But he did not give up and start his own show “Mr Bean”. Which makes him laughter king and his show became the global hit.

He is listed in Top 50 Comedian in British Film Industry by Newspaper, The Observer.

Tony Blair former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Atkinson were schoolmates.

Atkinson cannot easily spell the words start with ‘B’ because of his stutter problem.

Mr Bean is created by Atkinson during his Master degree in Oxford University. He was studied Electrical Engineering.

Sunetra Sastry is her wife. He met with her while the shooting of “Blackadder II” in 1986. She was a makeup artist of the show.

Before met with Sunetra Sastry, Atkinson was in the relation with actress Leslie Ash.

They have two children. Son Benjamin and Daughter Lily.

After a long 24 years of married life Sunetra divorced the Atkinson in 2015.

Atkinson was the scriptwriter of the first season of the Blackadder.

He is fond of cars and has a good collection of expensive cars from the brands like Aston Martin, Honda, Audi and Mc Laren.

The Blue Aston Martin car used in the movie “The Tall Guy” belongs to him. In “Johnny English” he also used his own car for shooting. He often uses his cars for shooting.

V16 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe car used in “Johnny English Reborn” was manufactured for the movie on his behest.

He is the victim of the biggest insurance claim in British history of about 1 million pounds.

His daughter Lily Atkinson shooted a cameo for the movie ” Johnny English Reborn”.