Name of the group of the animals and birds

Like humans have the name for their group humans also give the name to the animals and birds. The group of animals and birds have the different name. The funny group name is given to the panda’s group. Below are the names of the group of animals called.

Animal Group Name

Animal Group Name
  1. A group of Pandas is called – Embarrassment
  2. A group of Elephants is called – HerdAnimals Group Name 
  3. A group of Giraffes is called- Tower
  4. A group of Cats is called – Clowder, Cluster, Ponce
  5. A group of Bear is called- Sloth or Sleuth
  6. A group of Tigers is called- Ambush
  7. A group of Lions is called- Pride
  8. A group of Monkeys is called- Troop
  9. A group of Peacocks is called- Muster
  10. A group of Rabbits is called- Colony and Nest
  11. A group of Butterflies is called- Kaleidoscope
  12. A group of Crocodiles is called – Bask
  13. A group of Apes is called – Troop
  14. A group of Bacteria is called – Culture
  15. A group of Camels is called – Caravan
  16. A group of Cattle is called – Drove, Herd, Kine
  17. A group of Chicks is called – Clutch
  18. A group of Dogs is called – Pack
  19. A group of Hens is called – Brood
  20. A group of  Kangaroos is called – Mob, Troops
  21. A group of Goats is called – Trip
  22. A group of Hyenas is called – Clan
  23. A group of Kittens is called – Litter
  24. A group of Leopards is called – Leap
  25. A group of Owls is called – Parliament
  26. A group of Oxen is called – Team, Yoke
  27. A group of Puppies is called – Litter
  28. A group of Ships is called – Armada, Fleet, Flotilla
  29. A group of Snakes is called – Bed, Den, Nest, Pit
  30. A group of Sparrows is called – Host, Flight
  31. A group of Whales is called – Pods
  32. A group of Wolves is called –Pack
  33. A group of Zebras is called – Herd
  34. A group of Antelopes is called – Herd
  35. A group of beavers is called –  Colony, Lodge
Animal Group Name

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