Neem leaves (Azadirachta indica)

In the world of Ayurveda, neem tree is very famous or popular. Every part like bark, leaves, roots,  flower, fruit and seeds of the neem tree used to make medicine. Check out some facts of neem bark, neem seeds, neem leaves etc.

Facts about neem bark, neem seeds, neem leaves etc.

  • It’s leaves used in various type of home remedies.
  • It helps to nourish the scalp of the head and root of the hair.
  • It is rich in anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antidiabetic properties.
  • Water boiled with it leaves helps to remove or reduce blackhead or dead skin.
  • clean the skin or protect the skin from infection or infectious diseases ( neem lotion, neem soap, etc there is many products of neem available in the market).
  • Neem is used for leprosy or other major skin disorders.
  • Neem branches are used for teeth cleaning.
  • Useful in the purification of blood.
  • It is also useful in chickenpox, malaria, smallpox and body rash.
  • its leaves and root can be used as Insect repellent. It can repel black flies and the use of neem oil can repel the mosquitoes.
  • The gel extracted from its leaves can reduce the formation of the Dental plaque
  • Stomach and intestinal ulcers can be cured with its bark.
  • Other diseases like Fever, Upset stomach, Breathing problems, Malaria, Worms. Head lice, Skin problems and diseases, Heart problems, Diabetes can also cure with neem.
  • Neem also can be used as contraception.

Note: we are not advising you to take the neem. Neem is Ayurveda but it also has side effects. it causes severe problems when it is not used properly. before taking it we suggest you consult with an Ayurveda Doctor. Some side effects are given below.

Side Effects of neem

  • Taking large doses of neem is harmful to both adults and children.
  • Giving neem oil or seed to children by mouth cause vomiting, diarrhoea, drowsiness, blood disorders, seizures, loss of consciousness, coma, brain disorders, and death.
  • During pregnancy taking neem oil and neem bark can cause a miscarriage.
  • Neem can cause blood sugar to go too low.

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