Pandas are cousins of bears. Take look at some Panda Facts

Panda Facts

Panda only found in China. All the panda present in other countries are on loan from China.

In the wild there is only 1864 pandas by year 2014.

Main diet of Panda is bamboo. 99% of diet of panda is only bamboo.

Giant Panda is a bear and its lifespan in the wild is approximately is 20 years.

Pandas eat the faeces of their mothers.

A panda can poop 40 times a day.

60% of male pandas has no sexual desire.

More than halftime of their life panda spent in collecting, preparing and eating bamboo.

World Wide Federation (WWF) choose panda as their logo to reduce the cost of printing.

Pandas are approximate 2-3 million years old.

In the illegal trade market or black market, the panda’s fur is costs from $60,000 to $100,000.

Bite force of any Panda is the highest in carnivore.

A mature panda can eat 36 kilogram ( 80 pound) bamboo in a single day.

panda facts

To encourage the mating in the panda’s, Chinese scientist used “Panda Porn”.

Female panda is fertile for just 3 days in a year, during this period she mates with multiple males to the dozen of times.

For more foods and special treatment the pandas fake pregnancy.

panda facts

Newborn panda babies weigh less than 200 grams and 60% of them die within a week

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