Amazing Parrot Facts

Parrots are birds that are considered intelligent birds. Parrots are not only intelligent they are beautiful too. Their colorfulness makes them beautiful among all the birds. Parrots are very close to humans since old times. Their ability to talk or cram makes them one of the favorite pet birds of humans. Check out some amazing Parrot Facts.

    More than 350 species

In the whole world, there are around more than 350 different parrot species.

Size and weight

Parrots have different size and weight. Average Parrots size can be range from 3.5 to 40 inches (8.7 to 100 centimeters) and weigh 64 grams to 1.6 kilograms (0.14 to 3.5 pounds) .

With the average weight of4 kilograms, Kakapo parrots are is the world’s heaviest parrots

With the average weight of 10 grams, Buff-faced pygmy parrots are is the world’s lightest parrots.

Habits and Food

Parrots are the social bird. They live in groups. In a group, there can be 25-30 parrots.

parrot facts

Kea is only parrot species who live in mountains at South Island of New Zealand.

Many of parrot species are monogamous (spends their life with only one mate).

Kakapo, night parrot and some other parrots are nocturnal. They go out at night and search for food.

The ability to eat both meat and vegetation makes them omnivores.

Parrots eat nuts, flowers, fruit, buds, seeds and insects. Parrot’s favourite food is seeds

Parrots are zygodactyl. They eat with their feet.

Some other Parrot Facts

parrot facts

in India, It is illegal to keep parrot as pet.

Most of parrots live in tropical regions.

Hyacinth Macaw’s beaks is so strong that is can break a coconut.

Parrots have taste buds on the upper side of their mouth.

One third of world’s parrots are facing extinct due to habitat destruct.ion

This year, Sadly there is only 149 Kakapo are alive.

Snakes, Monkeys and Human are the main predators of parrots.

1700 is the count of words that mimic by the Puck the parrot. It is a world record.

In late 1800, a Scotch Whisky Company used 500 parrots for marketing. They taught parrots some of their marketing slogans and then gave that them to various pubs.

Waldo (grey parrot), is the lead vocalist of the death metal band Hatebeak.

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