Pubg facts

Pubg facts

In the last few months, we listen to a lot about PUBG. There are trending memes about PUBG in social media. If a few of you do not know what is PUBG then I tell you that it is a video game. PUBG entered the gaming world like a storm and in a few hours, it became the trending game. This game’s main plot is based on the lone survivor.  Players fight with each other to get ammunition and supplies. The last man or duo or squad standing wins the game. Brenden Greene is the lead designer of this game. we are going to share some PUBG facts in this post. Hope you enjoy it.

Pubg facts
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Pubg facts

Want to play the highly-rated game of all time.

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the full name of PUBG.
  • It was initially released for the Steam platform (a gaming platform) on March 23, 2017.
  • PUBG is the second best selling game with 24 million copies.
  • PUBG set a record for the most online player at once playing the game.
  • On IOS Pubg earned an estimated $5.5 million.
  • For the month of February  2017, PUBG’s revenue was $103 million.
  • The user can record gameplay with cinematic e
  • Without any advertisement PUBG became famous.
  • There are four maps in PUBG for players. Players can choose anyone to play with friends.
  • The most famous map is Erangel. Some people pronounce it as Er-angel and some Er-angle. But it is pronounced as Er-angel.
  • Erangel name came from the name of the daughter of the lead designer, her name is Erin. She is like an angel to him that is how Erangel came in exists.
  • The buildings in the Erangel map is copied or inspired by the soviet union building of 1950.
  • This game is inspired by a Japanese movie called “Battle Royal” and that movie is inspired by Novel published in 1999.
  • The yellow tracksuit in the game is also inspired by the movie. In the movie, a girl wore the same tracksuit.
  • The blue zone in the game, supposed to be in a square but due to lack in programming skills, they make it a circle.

More facts about pubg

  • BP is Battle Points, UC is Unknown Currency.
  • PUBG has three types of mode or battleground
    • Classic Battleground
    • Evo Battleground
    • Arcade Battleground
      These all three further has 4 different maps or types.
      Classic has Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.
      Evo has Team Death Match (TDM), Infection Mode, Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2 and Zombie: Darkest Night
      Arcade has Sniper Training, War, Quick Match and Mini Zone.
  • Arctic Warfare Magnum is the full name of the bolt action rifle AWM.
  • If you want to silently push on enemies without any footstep, it is suggested that push on the enemy with an Uzi gun with crouch position.
  • PUBG game is developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean game company.
  • Approx 400 million people have played PUBG.
  • Daily 10 million mobile users play Pubg.
  • PUBG is available for four platforms Android, IOS, X-Box and Windows.
  • On X-Box game console 5 million people play PUBG.
  • Pubg is coming for the PlayStation platform.

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