How food can become a ‘poison’

signs and symptoms of food poisoning

Food poisoning could be due to the consumption of food spoilt by some bacterias or microorganisms. The microorganisms that grow in our food sometimes produce toxic substances. They create poison into food and makes it poisonous and leads to serious illness even death. So it is very important that we prevent the food from being spoilt. We are going to share with you the signs and symptoms of food poisoning, high-risk foods and prevention techniques.

Signs and symptoms of food poisoning

signs and symptoms of food poisoning

Stomach pain

Each year, many peoples in the world get sick due to food poisoning. It disturbs stomach and starts abdominal cramps.


Eating dirty food which carries bacteria, virus or other infections, it can cause loose motions. loose motions are whenever the bowel movements are trouble or stool is passed in urgent or frequent in the watery form.


In a condition of food poisoning vomits is a very common symptom. In this anything what we eat comes out forcefully through the mouth.


Food poisoning cause Vomiting and Diarrhea which result in the loss of water from the body. The loss of water dehydrate the body and this can cause headache


A condition in which the person feels easily fatigue after doing small things. and the body undergoes tiredness.

Bacteria that cause food poisoning

  1. Salmonella (Bacteria)
  2. Campylobacter jejuni (Bacteria)
  3. Escherichia coli (Bacteria)
  4. Staphylococcal (Bacteria)
  5. Cl. Perfringens (Bacteria)
  6. B. Cereus (Bacteria)
  7. Cl. Botulinum (Bacteria)

High-risk foods

Unpasteurized milk, cheese, and juice some others things like meat, eggs and dairy products are frequently contaminated. In this list the one is contaminated water and undercooked or uncooked material.we all can eat or buy the things which are easily available in shops or food markets but sometimes all those things are not pure or hygienic and leads to high risk of contaminated infections.

Peoples who are in the high risk

signs and symptoms of food poisoning
  1. Children
  2. Old peoples
  3. Peoples with weak immunity
  4. Peoples with HIV/ AIDS
  5. Pregnant women

Prevention of food poisoning

Keep clean

Wash hand before and after preparing a meal.

Clean all the things like utensils or dishes, glows etc. properly which is in your kitchen.

Wash vegetables before the cooking and also wash fruits perfectly before consuming.

Cook well

Cook food at the right temperature for example chicken, egg, boil milk properly, cook vegetables properly.

Less Gap

Keep to maintain a short or less time between cook and eat. And don’t wait to long or too much distance in between cooking and eating.

Make sure to eat the fresh meal all the time.

Eat healthy. Stay healthy.

Note: Please consult with the doctor in any kind of illness. Don’t use medicine prescribed on the internet. If any kind of signs and symptoms of food poisoning you notice, we would prefer you to consult with the doctor.

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