Facts about Sperm

facts about sperm

Firstly the sperm cells are male reproductive cells. The liquid that is produced by the male sex organ contains the sperm. Sperm word comes from a Greek word ‘Sperma’. The meaning of Sperma is ‘seed’. Which is necessary for producing babies. The lifespan of male sperm approx 5 days in the female womb. If a male has some problem in his sperm count or not proper sperm count they face disability to born a baby called infertility. Before going on facts about sperm we are going to share some reasons that cause male infertility or you can directly go to the facts about sperm below.

  • Daily lifestyle,
  • Stress, Dietary habits,
  • Genetic factors,
  • Hormonal problems,
  • Defected gens

The daily lifestyle of a man related to his diet plays a very important role in the health of their sperm. some bad habits can create minor or major problems which cause infertility. In these, the dietary pattern is the most common reason for infertility.

Some studies say that a person who consumed 3 or more three cups of coffee per day had a lower sperm count or this lower sperm count has a low construction of sperm. Which leads to a reason for infertility.

Men who drink alcohol regularly, smoke the cigarette a lot, consume caffeine have lowered concentration of sperm, or have chances to disturb fertility.

A sperm defect is also found when sperm is not found in a proper shape or irregular shape has poor mortality or low sperm count.

Using too many steroids or antibiotics is a reason to create a side effect on sperm cells.

Stress disturbs the functions of the brain. These disturbed systems lose their sense of activity or disturb the sex hormone.

facts about sperm

facts about sperm

One ejaculate can have 15 million to 200 million on sperm. Less than 15 million sperm per ejaculation is considered a low sperm count.

What males eat directly affects the health of sperm. So eating healthy means having healthy sperm that result in a healthy family.

Sperm needs a cold environment. Testicles act like a refrigerator for sperm and provide 7 degrees Fahrenheit less temperature from the temperature body.

Sperm has a lifespan of 5 days only inside women.

According to a study for better health of sperm, a male should ejaculate a minimum of 4 times a month.

Immune system cells consider sperm cells as a foreign invader or some virus/ bacteria because sperm cells only have half of the DNA. Testicles protect sperm cells from the immune cell but in 70% of cases, the sperm cell is damaged by the immune cell in vasectomy patients.

The sperm cell is continuously produced in the male body, and unhealthy sperm can be replaced with healthy sperm within a few months.

Approximately 40-50% of cases of infertility have defect sperm.

Only the healthiest sperm wins the race of life and penetrates the egg. To penetrate in egg, sperm releases an enzyme from the acrosome ( part of the head) that melt the surface of the egg.

If you ever feel low in life, once think about it that you are the sperm that won the race of life from other 15 million (minimum ) sperms.


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