15 Facts about the Sun – How big is the Sun?

facts about the Sun

Sun is the main object in our solar system. All the planets in our solar system rotate around the Sun. Sun a star. We do not know much about the sun because it is very difficult for humans to reach on Sun now but Scientists at Nasa are preparing to touch the sun in near future. In this post, you will read some interesting facts about the Sun.

Facts about the Sun

facts about the Sun
  • Sun is composed of two main elements Hydrogen which is 70% of the total and Helium which is 28% of the total.
  • Sun is approx 4.603 billion years old. Scientists said that the sun will continuously burn for the next 5 billion.
  • Sun is a star so it is categorized under the yellow dwarf star.
  • The surface temperature of the sun is 5500 °C and the temperature in the center of the Sun reaches on 15 million °C.
  • Sun is the biggest object in our solar system and it consists of 99.8% of the total mass of our solar system.
  • As we know Sun is a star but it is not the biggest star in the universe. It is small in size in comparison to Red Giants Star but is a bit bigger than the dwarf stars.
  • Red Giant Star, Betelgeuse is 700 times bigger than our Sun.
  • Just in one second, the Sun loses 1.5 million tons of cosmic material to the solar wind.
  • And in one second 4 million tons of material is converted into energy in the Sun.
  • It will take 130 million years to burn all the hydrogen in the Sun.
  • The time taken by the Sunlight to reach the Earth is 8 minutes.
  • Everything in the universe is in continuous motion. And the sun is also on the motion. It is traveling in the universe with a speed of  220 kilometers per second (136 miles per second ).
  • One day the sun also be a red giant star and it will consume Mercury, Venus, and Earth. Do not panic, it will take millions of years. Till then humans would be shifted to the other portion of the universe.

How big is the Sun?

  • According to NASA Scientists, if the sun would hollow, one million Earth would be required to fill it.
  • The mass of the sun is equal to 333,000 times the mass of Earth.

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