Banana Facts

banana facts

Banana, the fruit that is loved by everyone. It is not only delicious but full of nutrition. In India’s most of the part it is considered as the sacred fruit and used as the main fruit for “Parshad”. In this post, you will read some interesting Banana Facts.

banana facts
Banana Facts

Banana Facts

Banana word came from the Arabic word “Banan” which means “Finger” and the scientific name of banana is ‘Musa Sapientum‘ which means ‘fruit of the wise man.

It does not grow on plants. It is grown on the world’s biggest herb. There is no wood in the banana tree. The whole tree is made up of tightly overlapped leaves.

Banana is bio-technically is a berry. Berries are a fruit that is grown from a single seed and contains seeds in it.

The raw banana can be cooked as a vegetable.

The first cultivated fruit by humans is none other than banana. The first farm of bananas is established in South Asia.

In the United States, the banana was first introduced in 1870.

There are more than 1000 different types of bananas and a few of the tests like strawberries.

India is the biggest producer of bananas in the world and produces 11 million tons of bananas every year.

Banana Peel

Most of the people in the world peel bananas upside down that is not the correct way to peel them.

The peel of the bananas is also edible and can be cooked.

Inside of the peel also can be used to polish the shoes.

Some people say that you can whiten your teeth by rubbing a banana peel on your teeth.

Some other people say that the inside of banana peel can also calm the mosquito’s bite irritation.

Health and Banana

Bananas do not have any fat and have potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, low calories, and tryptophan that making bananas perfect food.

Tryptophan in the banana makes you feel happier because this converts into serotonin which promotes relaxation and improve mood.

Two bananas give you enough energy for a 15-25 minutes workout. And it is used as a pre-workout and post-workout meal.

Banana is radioactive. But the radioactivity is very low and does not harm our bodies.

The ripening speed of banana can be controlled by humans

The ripening speed of bananas can be controlled like we can speed up or slow down the ripening process of bananas.

If you want to speed up the ripening speed of the banana then wrap it in the brown paper bag and add an apple in the bag to boost the process and to slow down the speed, wrap the banana in the polythene bag.

Banana can ripen after being plucked from the tree.

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Intersting facts about Himachal Pardesh

Facts about Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a Northern Indian State. Which famous for its natural beauty. Every visitor admires its natural beauty. It attracts visitor from all over the world.

Facts about Himachal Pradesh
Facts about Himachal Pradesh

Before talking about facts about Himachal Pradesh. Let read about its geography and history. Himachal Pradesh is a mountainous state. Himachal Pradesh is bordered by Tibet Autonomous Region on the east, Punjab on the west,  Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Uttarakhand on the southeast, and Haryana on the southwest. It has a total area of 55,673 km2 (21,495 sq mi). 90% of the population of Himachal lives in the rural area but in Shimla, 25% of the population lives in the urban area.


Himachal word derived from two Sanskrit words, “Him” which means “Snow” and “Anchal” which means “Land”. This name is given by Acharya Diwakar Datt Sharma.  Himachal has a rich history. This land was the home of the Indus Valley Civilization. on 2-3 BCE they came here for a peaceful life. After that Magnolias occupied this land. Then after them, the Aryans came here. According to the Indian epic, Himachal Pradesh was a group of small districts and republics, which was a cultural unit of every state. After some time this land was invaded and won by Mughals. When the Mughals empire started falling Gorkhas came here and occupied this land. Soon Births won this land during the Anglo-Gorkhas war. British ruled here from 1854 to 1914. After independence in 1948. In 1971 Himachal became the 18th state of India.

facts about himchal pradesh
Facts about Himachal Pradesh
  1. There is 5 wildlife national park in Himachal.
    1. Great Himalayan National Park
    2. Pin Valley National Park
    3. Inderkilla National Park
    4. Khirganga National Park
    5. Simbalbara National Park
  2. 9 Hydroelectric Power Plants are situated in  Himachal Pradesh.
    1. Girinagar Hydel Project (Palampur)
    2. Binwa Hydel Project (Kinnaur)
    3. Sanjay Vidyut Pariyojna (Mandi)
    4. Bassi Hydroelectric Project (Kullu)
    5. Larji Hydroelectric Project (Shimla)
    6. Andhra Hydel Project (Rohru – Shimla)
    7. Rongtong Hydel Project (Lahaul-Spiti)
    8. Baner and Neugal Project (Kangra)
    9. Nathpa Jhakri Project (funded by world bank)
  3. Kalka-Shimla Railway, known as the Toy train is declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.
  4. Kalka-Shimla has 806 bridges, 103 tunnels and 18 stations.
  5. Kasol is famous as “Mini Isreal” because the most visitor comes in Kasol are form the Iseral. The impact of the Isreal visitor is so much that shops and hotels have a name in the Hebrew language.
  6. Just after Kerala, Himachal is in second place in the list of least corrupt states.
  7. Malana “The Village of Taboos”.This name is given to Malana because of the strict rule of the folk there that no outsider can not touch walls and belonging of the folks. Folks of Malana considered themselves as the descendants of Alexander the Great. Malana is also famous for its quality weed.
  8. Himachal Pradesh is the land of god and goddess. Every village has it own god and goddess.
  9. In the whole of Asia, there is only one natural ice skating rink, which is in Shimla.
  10. World’s highest cricket ground is in Chail, Himachal Pradesh.
  11. Khajjiar is called as Mini Switzerland because of its admirable beauty.
  12. The highest post office and polling booth also belong to Himachal Pradesh. Both are situated in Hikkim, a small village in Lahaul and Spiti district.
  13. Himachal is the best place for adventure sports lover. One can enjoy ice skating, paragliding, fishing, rafting to skiing, trekking and horse riding.
  14. Himachal also has some most beautiful lakes. Few must visit lakes are Bhrigu Lake, Chandra Taal Lake, Nako Lake, Prashar Lake, Manimahesh Lake.
  15. on July 2, 2013, Himachal becomes the first smoke-free state of India.
  16. Some of the old boarding school are situated in Himachal. The school are originated during the British era and they are in working till now. Name of few of them is Pinegrove School, Bishop Cotton School, etc.
  17. Bara Shigri is the largest glacier is located in Lahaul-Spit.
  18. Shyam Saran Negi from Himachal is the first voter of India. He casted his vote in 1951’s general election and he is also oldest voter of India.
  19. World’s most terrifying roads also belong from Himachal.
  20. Himachal is the second largest fruit producer state of India.

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Amazing food & fruit facts

some fruits

Every living being needs something to eat to survive otherwise all dies soon or after. Everything we eat food or fruit have their own characteristics. Some give us protein in the maximum amount, some give carbohydrates, and so on. Today we are going to share with you some amazing and interesting  fruit facts

Food and Fruit Facts

  1. Apples are better than Coffee in waking up us in the morning.
  2. Apples floats because it contains 25% air.
  3. There are more than 10,000 varieties of apples in all over the world.
  4. Banana has 75% of water.
  5. Bananas are radioactive.
  6. According to Botanology, banana is a berry.
  7. Brinjals are fruits and classified in berries.
  8. Cucumbers have 96% of water.
  9. Expect vitamin C, Eggs contain all vitamins.
  10. Rotten egg swims on water, and fresh egg drowns.
  11. Honey is the only natural food that never spoils.
  12. Potato chips are the most popular snack.
  13. For 90 minute workout, only two bananas provide us with enough energy.
  14. Broccoli contains more vitamin C than an orange
  15. Avocados contain more calories than any other fruit.
  16. Green tea contains 50% more vitamin C than black tea.
  17. Carrots were first grown as medicine. Because only 3 carrots give the energy to walk 3miles.
  18. 660 gallons of water is needed in the process to make one hamburger
  19. Cabbage is consist of 91% water.
  20. Cherries belong to the rose family.
  21. Lemons have more sugar than strawberries in its composition.
  22. Ginger has the ability to reduce 25% of exercise-induced muscle pain.
  23. Tomato is a fruit.
  24. The amount of genes in tomato is higher than humans.
  25. In Japan, Farmers grow square watermelon.
  26. There is a tree in which 3-7 different fruits sprouts, and called as fruit salad tree.
  27. Olives, peas, avocado, cucumber, pumpkin, capsicum all are fruits.
  28. Most popular fruit in the world is the tomato.
  29. Grapes can not ripen, once picked.
  30. Nitroglycerin, the main part of dynamite can be made by peanut oil.

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