Banana Facts

banana facts

Banana, the fruit that is loved by everyone. It is not only delicious but full of nutrition. In India’s most of part it is considered as the sacred fruit and used for as main fruit for “Parshad”. In this post, you will read some interesting Banana Facts. Banana Facts Banana word came from the Arabic … Read more

Intersting facts about Himachal Pardesh

Facts about Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a Northern Indian State. Which famous for its natural beauty. Every visitor admires its natural beauty. It attracts visitor from all over the world. Facts about Himachal Pradesh Geography Before talking about facts about Himachal Pradesh. Let read about its geography and history. Himachal Pradesh is a mountainous state. Himachal Pradesh is … Read more

Amazing food & fruit facts

some fruits

Every living being needs something to eat to survive otherwise all die soon or after. Everything we eat food or fruit have their own characteristics. Some give us protein in the maximum amount, some give carbohydrate and so on. Today we are going to share with you some amazing and interesting  fruit facts Food and … Read more