Taj Mahal Facts

taj mahal facts

Taj Mahal is the costliest love symbol of its time. Some people say that it is a tomb because the dead body of Mumtaz third wife of Shah Jahan, who died while giving birth to the 14th child, and the dead body of Shah Jahan also is buried in the main chamber of It. Every good thing has a dark side too. Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We are going to share with you some Taj Mahal facts.

taj mahal facts

Taj Mahal Facts

Taj Mahal is situated in Agra city Utter Pradesh (UP) State in India. And it is not only part of the Seven Wonders of the world but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After a year of the death of Mumtaz Mahal, the Taj Mahal was started building in 1632. It took 22 years and was completed in 1653.

In the last 8 years of his life, Shah Jahan just viewed the Taj Mahal from the window of his room and was not able/allowed to visit the building. Because he was house arrested by his own son Aurangzeb.

On Friday, the Taj Mahal remains closed for visitors because there is a mosque in it and the prayer happens on Friday.

To visit the Taj Mahal there is some feel. The fee is in categories three and below 15 years old children can visit if for free. And for others, the fee is given below.

  • 750 INR (Foreign Tourists)
  • 510 INR (Citizens of SAARC & BIMSTEC Countries)
  • 20 INR (Domestic Indian Tourists)

Every year 2,000,000-4,000,000 (2-4 million ) visitors come to see this beautiful building.

There is a small size replica of the Taj Mahal in Bangladesh known as the Taj Mahal Dhaka. It cost $56 million and took 5 years to build.

In Dubai, there is another replica of the Taj Mahal that is under construction. It will be 4 times larger luxury hotel than the original Taj Mahal. The cost of the project is $1 billion.

Like everything’s Taj Mahal also suffering from its surroundings. It is suffering from pollution. White marbles of the building are turning yellow because of the Pollution.

Taj Mahal Facts – Construction

Ustad Ahmad Lahauri, a Persian was the chief architect of the Taj Mahal. And a total of 20,000 labors are recruited to build this massive building

At that time approx 32 crore rupees (320 Million rupees) were spent to build the Taj Mahal. If we replicate this building now it will cost approx 100 crore rupees (1 billion rupees).

The four minarets (towers) of the Taj Mahal are leaning slightly outward because of safety reasons. If any case any of the minarets fall they would fall in opposite direction, not on the building.

The marbles used in the construction of the Taj Mahal were brought from not only the different states of India but also from different countries like China, Tibet, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, & Arabia.

In 1857 during the Sepoy Rebellion, the British soldiers plucked out precious stones from the Taj Mahal, there were 28 different types of precious and semi-precious jewels were set on the Taj Mahal.

More than 1000 elephants are used to transport heavy construction material.

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