Thailand Facts


Thailand is a Southeast Asia country with incredible beauties. It is the most loved tourist’s spot for South Asian people. The lifestyle, culture and natural beauty of the country attract everyone. People visit Thailand for its beaches, royal palaces and ancient ruins. Let see some Thailand Facts.

Thailand Facts

Its official name is the Kingdom of Thailand. The meaning of Thailand in the “Thai” language is “Land of the Free”. Bangkok is the capital city of the country.

The most populated city in the country is Bangkok. It is the home of every 10th Thai person.

90% people use “Thai language to communicate and it is the national language of Thailand.

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Thai language consist 32 vowels and 44 consonants.

Like Japan, Thailand is also a collection of 1,300 islands.

thailand facts
Thailand Facts

Orchid is national flower of  Thailand and more than 1,500 species of orchids grow in the country. Thailand is the top exporter of orchid in the world.

There was a number of canals in the country that it was called as “Venice of the east”. Most of the canals do not exist now.

It is a Buddhist country. 95% people of the country follow Buddhism. World’s largest gold Buddha is placed in Wat Traimit temple.

It is ranked in 51st place in the world’s largest countries on the basis of land and ranked 20th place on the basis of population with the population of  67 million.

With approx 22 million international visitors per year, Bangkok is the most visited city in the world.

From May to September there is rain falls every day in Thailand.

Approx more than 40,000 temple are in the country.

It is illegal to go in public places without a shirt on and if someone found without a shirt, the result would be imprisonment.

In Southeast Asia, Thailand is the second country that lost its forest very quickly. Within last century the country lost its 75% of the forest.

Before India, Thailand was the top exporter of rice in the world. Now it is in the second position.

In 2004 tsunami killed more than 8000 people. It is considered the worst natural disaster in the history of Thailand.

20% of the police in the Bangkok city suffers from lung disease because of the high pollution rate.

Wildlife Facts

thailand facts
Thailand Facts

Thailand is the home of every animal species in the world and the total 10% of the world’s animal life in the country.

Mekong River is the home for 1,300 different species of fish. In Thailand, there is the cavefish that can walk and climb waterfalls.

World’s smallest mammal hog-nosed bat is found on some part of the country.

Thailand holds the world record for the largest crocodiles farm.

There are only 5000 elephants left in Thailand. A century ago Thailand was the home of 100,000 elephants.

World’s longest poisonous snake King Cobra also live in Thailand. It is also home of world’s longest python.


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