7 Surprising Facts About Moonbin That You Never Knew

1. Moonbin's first-ever acting role was in the drama "Boys Over Flowers" as the younger version of Yoon Ji-hoo.

2. Moonbin is known for his exceptional dance skills and was a trainee at the famous JYP Entertainment before joining Fantagio Entertainment, the agency behind ASTRO.

3. Moonbin is a black belt in Taekwondo and has won several competitions.

4. Before his debut as a K-pop star, Moonbin was a child actor and appeared in several dramas and commercials.

5. Moonbin's stage name was originally supposed to be "Brian," but the name was changed to "Moonbin" to reflect his mysterious and dreamy persona.

6. Moonbin's favorite song from ASTRO is "Always You," which was released in 2018.

7. Moonbin has a fear of heights and has mentioned in several interviews that he gets very nervous while filming on tall buildings.