7 Surprising Facts About Taylor Swift That Will Leave You Speechless

1. Taylor Swift's lucky number is 13 and she often includes it in her lyrics, album titles, and even writes it on her hand before performances.

2. She was just 14 years old when she moved to Nashville to pursue a music career and became the youngest songwriter ever signed to Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

3. Taylor Swift is a big fan of the TV show Friends and even named her cat after one of the characters, Monica.

4. Taylor Swift's first job was working on her family's farm, but she was fired for daydreaming too much.

5. Taylor Swift once rented an entire movie theater so she and her friends could have a private showing of "Titanic".

6. Taylor Swift has a knack for writing song lyrics backwards, starting with the chorus and working her way to the verses.

7. She has a collection of vintage Polaroid cameras and often takes candid photos of her friends and fans.