Unveiling the Hidden Life of Loren Gray: 7 Surprising Facts

1. Before finding fame on social media, Loren Gray used to be a competitive dancer. She won several regional and national dance competitions.

2. Loren Gray's rise to fame began in 2015 when she started posting videos on the lip-syncing app Musical.ly (now known as TikTok). Her videos quickly went viral, and she gained millions of followers in a short time.

3. Loren Gray has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression. She has used her platform to raise awareness about mental health and encourage others to seek help.

4. Loren Gray is a fashion icon for many young girls. She has worked with several fashion brands and has been featured in magazines such as Seventeen and Teen Vogue.

5. Loren Gray has been nominated for several awards, including the MTV Europe Music Award for Best US Act and the iHeartRadio Music Award for Social Star Award.

6. Loren Gray has been featured in several music videos, including "Miss Me" by AJ Mitchell and "Can't Do It" by Luh Kel.

7. Loren Gray is a talented artist and has created several pieces of art, including paintings and sketches. She often shares her artwork on social media.